Audra’s Fitness Blog: Tabata

When Denise (my fabulous UFC Gym Trainer) says “We’re going to do Tabata today”  I’m never sure whether to laugh or cry.

Tabata training is a high-intensity interval training workout, featuring exercises that last four minutes.Tabata training was discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo.

The Tabata protocol has tremendous fitness and weight-loss benefits. It is also a very short workout….therefore Tabata training can be attractive because it saves a lot of time for busy people like me.

Tabata Workout Example: Read More »

Audra’s Fitness Blog: “Fat” Darrell and his Sandwich

Fat Darrell works at UFC Gym-Perimeter.  Okay, so Fat Darrell isn’t so fat at all.  In fact, he’s in awesome shape.  He told me recently that he’d give me a sandwich recipe for our “recipe of the week”.  I was thinking it was probably a cucumber sandwich on rice cakes with protein powder or something gross like that.  NOT!  I finally looked it up on  OH MY.  Darrell is famous.  He’s linked to Food Network and Bravo and Paula Deen.  All because while he was a college student at Rutgers he talked a food truck cook at the R U Hungry Truck into making him a huge sandwich loaded with mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, marinara sauce and French fries. Reportedly it was cheaper than buying everything individually.  This article on the Cooking Channel answers all the questions and shows yummy photos of Darrell’s famous ginormous sandwich. 

Sorry Darrell but I’m not going to eat one.  Nope.  Denise (your co-worker, my personal trainer) would kill me.  But I do think it is super cool and funny and fun and I will make one for my teenage boys!

Audra’s Fitness Blog – Catholicism and Exercise? Well, not really!

written by Beth Dubsky (Audra’s workout BFF)

I am a practicing Catholic. (Don’t worry. I will not be talking about religion.) As a practicing Catholic I am obligated to go to mass on the weekend. Now, the Catholic Church makes this pretty easy for me by offering six different times that I can attend mass from Saturday evening to Sunday evening. (I think it’s six. There could be more.)  So, really, there are no excuses for missing mass. We look at our schedule and figure out when we can go. The hubs and I were walking and talking (remember? therapy) the other day about how working out is kind of the same thing. You look at your schedule and figure out when you will be able to go. Maybe you like to go to the same class (service) at the same time every week, because you know you will most likely see the same people, and that is fun and comforting? (You know those people who go to the same service every weekend and Read More »

Audra’s Fitness Blog – What is an IBJJF?

One year ago I would have never been able to figure out what this acronym stands for: 


It only took about 5 seconds though and the answer popped into my head….
International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation

Beth and I haven’t practiced any Jiu-Jitsu but we seem to arrive before, after and sometimes during Jiu-Jitsu lessons and it looks very intense but fun.  Our new trainer, Denise Houle, is usually teaching most of these Jiu-Jitsu sessions we observe.

I wasn’t surprised to find out that she won first place in her classification in the IBJJF Atlanta Open this weekend.  I’m so proud of her!  She’s organized, motivated, intense, and purposeful…small but MIGHTY!  She works mine and Beth’s butts off.  (At least that’s part of my plan…to work off my booty!)  

Yes, Beth and I are still at it….at least twice a week and we LOVE It and both of us have never felt better!

That’s our Denise in the middle!


Audra’s Fitness Blog: Farewell Jose

Beth and I are in our 11th month of training at UFC Gym and are still going strong.  One year ago I would have NEVER DREAMED of working out during the holidays.  I’d be too busy eating yummy food and planning my new year’s resolution to get in shape the next year.  I did this for many years and am so thankful to report that I stuck with it during 2016 and feel better and younger than I have in years!  Thanks to these three people:  Eric (the owner of UFC Gym), Beth (the best workout partner ever) and Jose (our fabulous trainer)!  

Imagine my dismay when Jose announced after Thanksgiving that he was moving to Charleston.  Say what!?  Shocked.  Saddened.  Scared that I would lose my motivation to work out.  Who would be there to tell us “half way there” and call us “pretty little lifters”?  In walked Denise.  Problem solved.  We miss Jose tremendously but we are enjoying Denise’s style.  She “gets” our girl problems.  Such as why we like certain type weights because they are better for feminine hands.   She even had us boxing this morning.  Yes.  Boxing….crazy…fun…hilarious.  Never in a million years would I have dreamed I’d own boxing gloves.  Are you thinking about getting in shape in 2017?  I highly recommend it….the time is now!  Meanwhile what do you think about the tombstone I had etched onto a YETI tumbler for Jose’s Christmas gift?  Denise is afraid to utter those words to us….after-all we know how to box now!


Audra’s Fitness Blog: Workout Music Suggestions Wanted

So, I went for my annual physical last week and my doctor was THRILLED with my progress over the last 12 months.  My gluten free diet has KILLED all of my Celiac symptoms, my exercise routine has melted off a few pounds, boosted my energy and helped me sleep better at night.  I’m here to tell you that diet and exercise have REALLY made a difference in my well-being! 

Enough about me, I want to talk about your favorite workout music.  I love my gym (UFC) but I seldom recognize any of the songs they play during my workouts.  Jose got all excited last week and turned up the volume because he liked the “Snoop Dog” tune that was playing.  As for me, I’m a country or contemporary Christian music kinda girl but I don’t think either genre would go over well in the gym.  I do like 80’s music and have cracked up when Funky Cold Medina and Will Smith are blasted over the gym speakers.  I’m wondering how much more I’d enjoy working out if I were able to listen to music I enjoy.  UFC Gym Owner, Eric Williams, sent out a note to all the gym members asking for music play list suggestions.  Can you help me by letting me know a few songs that you like to exercise to?  I’d like to pass the ideas along to Eric!

Beth’s Fitness Blog

Note from Audra…I don’t want y’all to get tired of me so I’ve asked Beth to help me write a few Fitness Blog entries.  I definitely wouldn’t still be working out if it wasn’t for her.  Check out w what she has to say about what motivates her!

Submitted by Beth Dubsky (Audra’s Fitness Friend)  Last month was my wedding anniversary. Well, since there are two of us, I guess it was OUR anniversary…23 years.  For the first couple of years, my husband would go to the gym after work a few times a week. That meant that he did not get home until about 8:00. That was fine for a while until we started having children, and he decided to change to a morning workout schedule. Now, if you have to be at the office by 8:00, that means that you have to be at the gym pretty darn early. You need time to work out and to shower and to get dressed. And then drive to work. He has been getting up at 4:30 in the morning, three times a week for 20 years! That is some serious commitment. I have a ton of respect for him and Read More »

Audra’s Fitness Blog: Beth’s Take on Fitness Classes

Note from Audra:  Click here for the UFC Gym Class Schedule…I dare you to join Beth for a class!

Written by Guest Columnist Beth Dubsky

I saw a T shirt the other day that said, “buck furpees“, and I came this – close to buying it . I hate, hate, hate burpees. Hate them. But there is something about being in a group of people who also hate burpees, but have to do them, that makes it a tiny bit more tolerable. That, and I don’t want to be the one who can’t do them.

I think that is one of the reasons why I love taking classes. There is a kind of competitive air. Who wants to be the one who can’t hold a squat for 30 seconds? Not me! Plank for a minute? Yes, please! I like picking out one person in the class who I think I can do better than, and secretly competing with them. They may not know, but I do. It is even better if the person is Read More »

Audra’s Fitness Blog: Beth’s Turn to Tell All!

audra_exercise-01Note from Audra:  Beth Dubsky has turned out to be the PERFECT fitness partner!  Plus, she agreed to write a few blog entries for me so you can get her perspective on our experience!

Beth’s Fitness Blog Entry #1

“I am not a gym person.” This is what I used to tell people when they asked me where I worked out. I was an anti-gym snob. “I can get a great workout at home!”, I told myself. My husband has always worked out in a gym. My daughters, 20 & 18 years old, also work out in a gym. Whenever they asked me to join them, I would smirk and say, “uh, no thanks. I don’t do gyms.” I would rather have been by myself, doing my own thing. I was happy! I used my weights in the basement and walked in the neighborhood. And then Audra asked me if I would be interested in joining her for some training at UFC twice a week. I mean, how do you say “no” to Audra?? She has been one of my favorite people since I moved into our neighborhood ten years ago. So, I said “yes”. I really had no idea what I was agreeing to Read More »

Audra’s Fitness Blog: Biking the Atlanta Beltline

BL14I don’t always complete all of my summer goals but made sure that “Biking the Beltline” was a goal that my family completed before school started back!  Finding time for the four of us to do this together turned out to be impossible so I settled for just me and my boys.

Ordinarily I would have been very nervous about keeping up with my two very healthy and athletic teenagers.  However, since beginning my fitness journey in January,  I’m feeling healthier, more active and bolder about trying new activities!  And, as it turns out, “Biking the Beltline” was a BREEZE!

Before leaving Dunwoody I researched,  the Atlanta Beltline website.   I wanted to bike Read More »