Audra’s Fitness Blog: Tabata

When Denise (my fabulous UFC Gym Trainer) says “We’re going to do Tabata today”  I’m never sure whether to laugh or cry. Tabata training is a high-intensity interval training workout, featuring exercises that last four minutes. … Tabata training was discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National […]

Medi-Weightloss Open House 1/19

Known as The One That Works, Medi-Weightloss is now in Dunwoody! Conveniently located in the Dunwoody Village shopping center, Medi-Weightloss offers a medically supervised weight loss program. Let the experts at Medi-Weightloss design a fat burning nutrition and exercise plan based around your lifestyle. We can help you reach your goal weight and improve your […]

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Gravity Fitness Studio Giveaway for Aha! Subscribers

Update:  The winner is Kimberly DeFino! Gravity Total Gym Studio is a Functional Body weight Training Studio that focuses on helping you attain YOUR goals. BUILDING MUSCLE : TRAINING MOVEMENT : CREATING ENERGY. Gravity would like to ALL Aha! subscribers a free week at the studio and one lucky Aha! subscriber can enter to win a free month. […]

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Curves – Audra’s Personal Experience

Well – I guess I’m on sort of a “fitness frenzy”.  After my visit to Pure Barre a few weeks ago I was contacted by Dunwoody Curves owner Allan Slimming with an offer to come check out their program.  Yes – he owns Curves and his last name is really “SLIMMING“.  Well, “slimming” is exactly […]