Foodie Patty: Staplehouse

541 Edgewood Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30312

Set in the 4th Ward district for the past year and a half or so is a restaurant that is the hottest ticket in town.  I know why.  My husband and I had the pleasure of dining at Staplehouse for my surprise birthday present several Friday nights ago. When he originally heard about Staplehouse last September, we immediately called for reservations.  The online booking was 2-3  months out so we put our name on a waiting list but never heard back.  As my birthday approached, he called and left a pleading message to be worked into the schedule.  They graciously returned the call stating that reservations were still two months out but we were welcome to come early to try and get one of the 8 seats at the bar.  When we showed up at 6 pm hoping for a miracle, the hostess informed us that she just had a cancellation for two. Was a lottery ticket coming next?

The story behind how Staplehouse  will tear you apart and what they currently do with proceeds is incredibly inspiring.  Bon Appetit picked a great 2016 Best new restaurant in America when they selected Staplehouse.

The building is a rustic renovated warehouse with a side ally that brings you into an open-air patio with a prep house in the back . The whole feel of the restaurant is very relaxing and laid back.  Don’t let Bon Appetit scare you. Read More »

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Patty’s Foodie Frenzy: Da Vinci’s Donuts

adura-donutby Patty Moncrief

After picking my daughter up from school on Wednesday, I told her that we needed to make a quick stop at Publix.  After all of the protests, she began to negotiate.  She would go to the store with me, if we could go to Da Vinci’s Donuts afterward.  It was such a sacrifice for me to make (not).  What a pleasant surprise when we walked in.  It felt more like a Starbucks atmosphere than a traditional donut shop.  There was a huge blackboard on the wall with all the different varieties of doughnuts to choose from. Read More »

Foodie Patty: One Eared Stag

Foodie Frenzy #24 – One Eared Stag

For our next lunch date, I wanted to find a restaurant in the Inman Park/Old Fourth Ward/Krog Street area.  We were somewhat limited by restaurants that serve lunch, however there were quite a few to choose from.  I ultimately chose One Eared Stag because they featured a unique gluten-free fried chicken.  We have been so spoiled by our weather lately and we chose one of those perfect days.  It was fun to be in the quaint in-town neighborhood where OES is located.  A bonus was the on street parking without meters.  When we walked in, the tasteful warehouse style of the restaurant had a Read More »

Patty’s Foodie Frenzy: M Five Seven Two – Downtown Tucker

M572 Downtown TuckerM/572 is a great addition to the new City of Tucker. For anyone who has never been to Tucker, you now have another reason to visit my hometown.  Most people go to Tucker for Matthews Cafeteria. I still laugh about the first time I met Audra’s husband Kirk, 20+ years ago, the first question he asked was “do you always go to Matthews?”  

 Across Main Street you now have another southern cooking restaurant that is completely different.  It is a comfortable modern farmhouse setting that would be nice with friends for lunch, date night or a special occasion. 

The chef, Jon Allen worked with Kevin Rathbun at Rathbun’s and Krog Bar.  M/572 just opened this summer. Read More »

Foodie Patty Recommends: 8 degrees Fahrenheit- Ice-Cream

8 degrees Fahrenheit is a great way to celebrate the beginning of a new school year. I wanted to pass along an idea for a sweet treat recommended by my 12 and 14 year old daughters. This Asian ice cream shop is quite unique.  They serve a Thai style ice cream that is delicious for kid’s young and old. The ice cream mixture is poured onto a freezing surface at which time your toppings of choice are chopped and folded in. I know it sounds like Coldstone creamery, but check out the pictures to see the difference  Following the pouring of the batter, the mixture is  sliced vertically and then shaved into rolls resembling a cigar.  The rolls are beautifully put into cups with more of your  toppings for the finishing touch. The pictures are really the only way to comprehend this unique technique.  When our group went midday, the line was spilling out of the door.  You can eat inside or out.  Here’s what we ordered: Read More »

Patty’s Foodie Frenzy: Rumi’s Kitchen

 rumi's kitchen outside    Rumi’s Kitchen has been on our short list for quite some time since I have seen and heard rave reviews. Creative Persian cuisine had us intrigued. I have two colleagues who are Persian and according to both of them, Rumi’s Kitchen is the best of its kind in the city.  Judging by the crowd when we walked in at noon, it is quite the popular lunch spot.  Although we didn’t have reservations, they were very accommodating and sat us immediately at the full-service bar.  It is a beautiful, contemporary space and even has an rumi's baroutdoor patio.    The menu offers plenty of variety, but doesn’t have too many options that could make it overwhelming.  Each dish is very descriptive so that you aren’t completely surprised when your plate arrives. We started with Grilled Shrimp and Mirza Ghasemi, a smoked eggplant, tomato and garlic.  We loved the shrimp, but the Mirza Ghasemi is not something I would order again.  We agreed that it was a little too slimy for our taste.  If you are gluten-free like Audra, it is particularly challenging to eat because you definitely need the wonderful bread to assist with the shoveling into mouth process.    The grilled shrimp was perfectly seasoned with garlic, black pepper, saffron and a creamy feta sauce.

 For our feast, as it is called on the menu, Audra chose Read More »

Patty’s Foodie Frenzy: Alon’s Bakery-Market

I hope every mother got to enjoy a wonderful day that’s all about you!  For those of you who went to brunch/lunch and enjoyed it, I would love to hear about where you went.  Personally I had quite possibly my most enjoyable Mother’s day ever.  My husband Ed, and two daughters, Alaina and Sophia, started out by ushering at the contemporary service at DUMC. It was a great way to jumpstart our day.

From there we went to meet my mom, Phyllis, at Alon’s Bakery and Market.  There were many great restaurants to choose from but I am SO glad we chose to go to Alon’s.  Their buffet was out of this world!  They had wood fired pizzas, lamb with a spicy tomato sauce, hand carved turkey and prime rib, two different types of beautiful salmon, roasted vegetable, cheese grits, mac and cheese and more.  Additionally, they were cooking up made to order scrambled eggs, which are always a hit.  Read More »

Foodie Patty’s Mother’s Day Brunch Suggestions

Following is a smorgasbord of restaurants all over the city that have Mother’s Day brunches/lunches.  Please call in advance to double check their menu options and to make reservations.  This Sunday is such a popular day to enjoy lunch out.

Alon’s-Dunwoody Park Place Use phone 678-397-1781 for reservations

Park Tavern-Piedmont Park in Midtown

South City Kitchen-Midtown

Eclipse di Luna-Dunwoody Park Place Read More »

Patty’s Foodie Frenzy: Under the Cork Tree

Foodie Frenzy #21 Under the Cork Tree

Under the Cork Tree opened only a few months ago but with surprisingly little fanfare since it is from the same team behind Hammocks but a little more upscale.  It’s located in the Prado shopping center on Roswell Road in the space vacated by Joli Kobe.  It is billed as a stylish spot for tapas and Mediterranean entrees, plus a global wine bar.  When we walked in it was oddly quiet, but only the third day that they were open for lunch.  This turned out to be a real benefit for us because there was no wait, we had our choice of seating and the service was impeccable. Evidently dinner is quite popular and much busier so reservations are recommended.  Audra and I agree that this is our favorite frenzy spot to date! Read More »