Great new interactive website for Dunwoody Police to communicate with residents

My friend Carol from the  Kingsley neighborhood has been helping the Dunwoody Police trial this interactive website.    She has GREAT things to say about her experience with the site.   According to the email I received from the police below it seems they are ready to roll out the program to all the citizens in Dunwoody.   I know some of you who live in Kingsley have been using it already.   The flyer I received about the owner of the black SUV last week came from someone who received a notice from this site and forwarded it to me.

I’ve just signed up so I can receive alerts.   It looks like the site has potential to offer much more than just neighborhood watch benefits but the primary focus right now is for neighborhood watch type items.

The police indicate that they encourage everyone to create their account so they can communicate more effectively and efficiently. They attached a Quick Reference Guide to help everyone through their sign in and account set up.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Officer William Furman:

quick reference guide

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Privacy Policy

Hello everyone,

I wanted to inform you of a new system that we are rolling out to the City residents today. We have been testing Interactive Defense, which is a web based program that will greatly increase the communication between the Dunwoody Police and the citizens of Dunwoody. Some of the highlights of this program are:

  • Individual accounts for every resident to receive emails directly from Dunwoody Officers.
  • Residents will receive wanted person, missing person and suspicious person lookouts directly to their email or text messages. If someone has information, they can share it, anonymously if they choose to, directly with the detective/officer that is handling the case.
  • Residents will be able to enter and maintain their own vacation watches for their homes. These requests will go directly to the officers on the street. Residents will have the option of receiving text message or email alerts as the officers are able to check their home.
  • Residents can enter their serial numbers into their “File Cabinet” which stores them into a secure database. This information can be recalled later, by the owner, from any internet connection. This is extremely useful in cases such as burglary/theft (for police reports), fire or storm damage (for insurance reports).
  • Residents will be able to communicate with each other across the city and build their own “community” sites, if interested, for their neighborhoods.

Dunwoody is the first city in the nation to utilize this system. We believe it will increase the amount of information we can release to the residents without endless emails being passed around from neighbor to neighbor. Everyone will know the information is current because they will receive it directly from the Dunwoody Police Department. If the resident chooses to receive text messages, then they will receive the information as quickly as it is entered into the system.

This program will be rolled out in phases so not all of the features will be available today. There are also plans for more features to be added to the program.

We encourage everyone to create their account so we can communicate more effectively and efficiently. I’ve attached a Quick Reference Guide to help everyone through their sign in and account set up.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Officer W. Furman
Community Outreach Unit
Dunwoody Police Department

41 Perimeter Center East,
Suite 100
Dunwoody, GA 30346
Office: 678.382.6913 
Fax: 770.396.4655