17 Year Old Dunwoody Boy Dies Tragically – Please Fly a Flag for Zachary

Photo Courtesy of Zachary’s Mom’s Facebook Page
Photo Courtesy of Zachary’s Dad

Update:   Zachary’s Dad, Larry has requested that people send any stories, memories or any other descriptions of how Zachary affected their lives to his email (lchambless@bellsouth.net) so the family can better understand how Zachary touched the lives of others.

Original post from Audra:  I waited a few days to publish this to allow the family a little space and a little time to breathe and grieve.  Now it is time for our community to rally around this family and show them we care…just like we did with red bows for Halle Scott and blue bows for Phineas Haq and Ty Flynn.  Zachary was a special boy in so many ways.  He loved balloons, flags, and visiting the birds at Petland…and the last photo I saw his mom post before he died was him with a snake around his neck!   I met him a few times and he was delightful and either carrying a flag or a balloon every time I saw him.  Zack’s sister, Abby, wrote several book reviews for The Aha! Connection before leaving for Georgia Tech.   Let’s show Abby and her parents that our community loves them and remember Zack with an American Flag on your mailbox or somewhere in your yard.  Abby has been out of the country during this tragedy…when she comes home in a few days I hope there are American flags EVERYWHERE!!!   I just ordered some from Amazon and plan to give extras to my neighbors.  Click here to to see what I ordered and order flags for yourself and your neighbors too!  I think they also have flags at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. #flagsforZachary

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