3 Question Survey Regarding Dunwoody High School “Block” Schedule

DHS is currently on the 4×4 block schedule.  I’m not familiar with the details or I would explain.  I’ll keep the comments open on this post so that anyone who wants to elaborate can feel free to submit a comment! DHS is considering a change in the block schedule.   This topic will affect all kids who will eventually be attending Dunwoody High School.   So, if you have kids who will potentially be attending DHS in the next few years, you may want to vote on this.   Please note that the survey is designed for families with kids currently in grades 8-12.   If you have kids younger than that you can still click on the survey to read about the four options that are being voted on but only families with kids in grades 8-12 are asked to officially vote.

Begin Forwarded Message from DHS:

We would like to revisit the current scheduling model used by Dunwoody High School (4×4 Block). In order to do that, we would like to have your input on different scheduling model options. We have included “Pros & Cons” for each model to better explain each option.

Please note, we have a very short timeframe. All entries must be submitted by SEPTEMBER 1. There is only one “vote” per family. Please be aware that the students will take this survey in their homerooms the week of August 29th. Please
use the link below to complete the 3 question survey. Thank you for your input.


One comment on “3 Question Survey Regarding Dunwoody High School “Block” Schedule

  1. The block schedule means they have 4 classes per semester, and learn an entire year’s worth of material in that semester. They don’t want you to have 4 core classes all together, b/c that would be too much of a workload, so they pair math & science with maybe a language and an elective, and then they pair lit/comp with social studies (us or world history, etc.) with a language class and an elective..Therefore, one of the biggest complaints about the current 4X4 block schedule is that kids can go a year without math and science. No child should have to go a year without math. It can bring down their PSAT score if they haven’t had math in a year. My son is a junior that hasn’t had math since 1st semester of his sophomore yr, and won’t have it again til this spring semester of his junior year…so while I’d like him to take the SAT now, he would likely not score well in math – gotta wait til he’s back into math, in the Spring, before I can have him take the SAT.

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