5 Reasons Why Archery Is An Awesome Sport To Think Of For Your Kids

5 Reasons Why Archery Is Such An Awesome Sport To Think About For Your Kids.

1. Archery is accessible to to almost anyone. From people with full physical abilities and strength, to people with physic disabilities of all sorts.

2. Archery is all about good posture which is super cool because it counteracts all the hunching over that most of us do looking at devices and sitting at desks.

Archery increases balance, strength, focus, coordination and raises self awareness and conciousness through grounding, centering and steady breathing.

Everything one needs to engage with life out in the world and to age gracefully.

3. Archery is physically safe for the archer!! From the not wanting my kid to get injured perspective think about this.

Archery is about shooting arrows which could be considered “dangerous” , however on a safely organized range the only thing getting damaged is the targets.

There is no question any day on traditional sport fields there are concussions, torn ligaments & plenty of twisted this and that’s. Not so much in archery.

4. Archery is Cool! Let’s face it, archery has been cool since the beginning of time. Back in 1800 b.c. when the first archers reversed the tips of their bows to create recurve bows to today with Katniss Everdeen and Hawkeye from the avengers.

It’s cool, archers are strong (emotionally and physically) and being skillfully trained with a tool that you can make from a tree branch if need be is just Cool!!

5. Archery is also great to consider because it is an Olympic sport that they can develop skills in, compete in local tournaments and even earn college scholarships with and …. they can now take lessons right here in Dunwoody at the Atlanta Archery Academy & Club.

The spring session will be starting March 7th and there are still some open spots in the Saturday morning and Sunday morning classes.

Please be free and stop at the range to “Try Archery” from 2-4 pm Sundays during the “Open Range” time.

Atlanta Archery Academy & Club: 1327 Mill Gate Drive Dunwoody Ga. 30338.

Come next Sunday February 23rd to try before the Spring Session.

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