Academics Plus

Academics Plus is an education group focused on understanding each child’s learning profile, through our Learning Checkup™, in order to help parents identify the best school environment and ensure their child has the necessary foundations to grow and thrive. We assist parents with private school placement and finding the best school fit to meet their child’s needs and their family’s core values. We also assess children’s learning beginning at age 3.5 through our Learning Checkup™. A Learning Checkup™ is an initial screening of cognitive and academic skills to see where a child currently stands and check if they are making the necessary gains. Our Kindergarten Readiness sessions are on-on-one sessions designed for students in Pre-k and kindergarten to ensure they have the necessary foundations for a successful school career– this includes attention, stamina for learning, memory, language and comprehension, beginning reading skills, number sense, etc. We are also an official SSAT Flex Test site, which allows students to take the SSAT in a smaller, quieter environment than a standard test date or is also a great option for students who are allowed testing accommodations.

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