Administrative Assistant – Student Ministry (Part-time)

This part-time Administrative Assistant supports the student ministry staff and volunteers at a large Buckhead Presbyterian Church. This person will provide first impression hospitality to all who call in or email student ministry or who visit the offices.. He/she will manage communication about student ministry events and programs for students, parents and the church body, including print marketing (flyers, posters, calendars, registration forms and church-wide publications), and electronic communication (website, emails, social media). Coordinate calendar and space requests for student ministry, working in coordination with larger church calendar and processes. Ensure weekly update of student information on student ministry web pages. Manage attendance tracking and first-time follow up processes. Employee will keep the student ministry database up-to-date. Provide support to student staff with logistics related to events and programs. Prepare a weekly announcement sheet for weekly student ministry programs. Maintain release forms for students who participate in activities. Additional administrative support as needed.

Must be organized with demonstrated administrative skills. Assistant must affirm the values of Peachtree Church and the mission, values and goals of the student ministry.

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Mary Altman
(404) 842-5847