Aha! Cleaning Products Giveaway!

By Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

Yes, we giving away cleaning products. These are the new staples in my attempt to keep my house clean or clean-ish. I am on a group text with some friends and the topics vary wildly from day to day, but over the course of quarantine, it has come to be an outlet for mutual comfort, venting, information, speculation and ideas. One of the longest running themes has been as a result of the discovery of @gocleanco on Instagram. All their cleaning instructions are documented in the insta-stories and will insta-ntly make you want to clean dirt and grime, seen and unseen. And this is coming from someone who HATES to clean. I’ve always been pretty good about my dishwasher filter, but some of us were pretty surprised by our washing machines, hood vents and the aftermath of using the floor cleaning recipe. I’ll let you check it out and explore, but basically, Tide POWDER detergent is the magical unicorn of cleaning supplies and this mop with get those floors clean like never before. Other products have been confirmed as awesome as well. Thank you Callie, Jenny, Nina, Despina, Asheley, and Leigh Anne for tolerating my refusal to get an iPhone.

Here’s how one lucky Aha! subscriber can win:

– Like The Aha! Connection Facebook page AND follow us on Instagram @theahaconnection
– Post a comment on this post about what you’ll clean first
– Don’t have Facebook?  Leave a comment on this post.

The CEO of prizes will randomly select a winner on Friday, May 8.  Good Luck!

40 thoughts on “Aha! Cleaning Products Giveaway!

  1. The first item I would clean would be my floors with that awesome mop and bucket! Thank you!

  2. I’ll clean the areas closest to the doors to the outdoors first—as that’s the most important part other people can see right now. I mean, let’s be honest, the rest of the house is a disaster with the kids’ stuff everywhere.

  3. We would clean the tile shower floor first. It never seems to stay clean for very long!

  4. Omg my OCD self would love to win this as a birthday present to myself! Was just discussing w/ a neighbor we are realizing how our maid we share was just doing a superficial clean!

  5. As much as I hate cleaning I could use some helpful hints. Winning this prize might actually give me the incentive to do a deep clean.

  6. This would be wonderful to win! I would clean my laundry room floor first. It gets the most traffic of any room in the house and is the only room grubby shoes go in!

  7. With a dog who loves to roll in the grass and sheds her hair year-round, I would clean the floors first!

  8. You’ve now got me super curious about the condition of my dishwasher filter, so that’ll be my first of many tackles!

  9. I am going to clean my KITCHEN first! It’s been so neglected… I need to deep clean it!

  10. My first cleaning will be the floors. They always look much cleaner than they really are.

  11. I’d clean my floors first, then counter tops and work from there. I’d love to win! I’m an AHA subscriber!!

  12. Oh wow- What to clean first? Everything but my kitchen could use to be cleaned everywhere- floors, cabinets, drawers, Pots pans- Just everything!

  13. I would love to love to clean with these awesome products! Thanks for everything that you and your team do for
    our community.

  14. Oh, my….where to start??? My poor, neglected house. I need some inspiration. Will start in the kitchen…floors and baseboards.

  15. I would clean the floors in our den – with 2 dogs in and out all day, they need it!

  16. My house needs a good cleaning… I would start with the floors and the bathrooms 🙂

  17. I’ll probably start with my windows then move on to my tile floors. If not, I’ll start with floors and then move on to the windows.

  18. Ooooh! Glad my daughter is home so that she can participate in our Spring/Summer days of cleaning!

  19. My Floors will definitely be first. They need a good cleaning with something that smells fresh!

  20. Our dog is getting old and having accidents in the house. That mop and pail would be a blessing. Thanks!

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