Aj’s Custom Footwear and Findings

Hi! I’m Naia Morgan, I’m a junior in high school and I’m the founder and owner of AJ’s custom footwear and findings. Do any of you struggle with anxiety? Expressing your interests through your style? I know I have. So I am a giant theatre nerd but after I saw a show that I really loved, I never knew what to say to the actors if I met them. Then one day I decided to put the fanart I was making on a pair of shoes. It started a conversation that helped me connect with the people I looked up to. And people started to notice. People kept asking where I got my shoes and how cool they were. So I decided to sell them so other people could gain the same confidence I had from my shoes. Since then, my business has grown so much, we’ve gone from selling shoes to all different types of apparel, from jackets to shirts, and other items like bags and accessories. Here is an association that you can look through and try on. Have you ever seen someone walk into a room with a jacket that is also a working clock? That is the kind of thing that starts conversations. I’ve also incorporated many of my other interests into it like puppetry and costumes, so people can feel confident giving personalized gifts or buying things to help them express their interests through cosplay or Halloween costumes. I hope all of you consider buying something from me, or checking me out on Instagram at @ajcustomshoes and become more confident in yourself by embracing the nerdy and weird. Thank you!

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Naia Morgan
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