An excellent (and ethical) way to get your kid into their top college choice

by Audra Anders for The Aha! Connection

I find myself reading almost every article in my news feed about Operation Varsity Blues AKA “the college admissions cheating scandal”   You are probably living under a rock or have given up social media and television for Lent if you don’t know about this now infamous scandal. I’m obsessed with it.

I have one son already attending his favorite college and the other working his booty off in high school to make sure he gets into the top school of his choice.  Reading about the scandal makes me furious.  Absolutely furious.  

I’ve decided to shake off the fury and concentrate on the fact my baby is working hard to EARN excellent grades and has chosen a tutor to help him EARN the best scores possible on his ACT.  Yes…I said he chose the tutor.   Not me.   I presented him with choices, and different styles of tutoring, and different methodologies.  Then he made the choice.  He feels ownership and is doing every single thing his tutor suggests and it is paying off.

I approve of his choice wholeheartedly.  In fact, I’m going to brag on his tutor and share him with you….Brad Daniell.

He. Rocks.

To respect my son’s privacy I’m not sharing his scores with you but will share examples from other nameless kids that were ACT tutored by “Mr. D”.   Many of you may know him as a science teacher from Peachtree Charter Middle School, but I’m guessing most don’t know he is ivy league educated ….Columbia University.

Following are a few before and after scores from a few of his students:

Here’s what Mr. D offers for tutoring:

  • 8-12, sixty minute sessions depending on needs.
  • Mock test half way through to monitor progress. Analyzed for strengths and weaknesses on each section.
  • Individualized (no groups!) to each student’s needs.
  • Five years of experience tutoring the SAT/ACT.
  • All practice tests are from real ACTs/SATs.
  • He provides all materials 
  • $75/hour

If all those cheating parents in the Operation Varsity Blues scandal had just known about Mr. D, they may could have saved themselves a lot of money and jail time while providing their kids with an invaluable sense of self-confidence.  Oh well…at least now you know!

Visit his website for more information:  You can also email with any additional questions. 

p.s.  Be sure to check out the reading list Mr. D referred to me here.

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