Anonymous Post about Political Sign Stealing

Posted by an anonymous subscriber:

Just a little public service announcement in the hopes of keeping our teens (and some adults) out of trouble. I just got word of a senior at a school in Cobb County who just got a call from the police because he was caught stealing signs. Because sign stealing has been so rampant and repetitive, someone put a GPS tile into their sign. They found the exact location of the sign AND they had one of those wifi doorbell cameras and caught him on video.  

Please don’t take the sign thing lightly, folks. The charge for stealing campaign signs can result in up to a year in jail along with $1000 PER sign. It is a misdemeanor crime. If the high school is made aware, they are obligated to report the incident to the college. His college admissions is now at risk.

In addition, a Roswell man was arrested before the April 18 runoff for stealing signs as well. Not everyone engaging in this are teenagers playing pranks.

Personally, I am sad it has come to this. We should all be respectful of one another’s personal property and point of view.