App of the Day: Find My Friends

This is the app I use to keep track of my boys’ whereabouts.  My Dad and I also follow each other.   I can usually find him on the golf course and he loves finding me be-bopping all over Atlanta.   

There are tons of other apps that my friends  use….some more simple and others more complex.  I prefer the simpleness of Find My Friends.  It’s free and it’s easy to use and it just shows me where they are when I choose to look for them.  No annoying alerts are needed for us.   

I could debate the pros and cons of the very idea of tracking people but I’m not going to.   My family discussed the idea, we explained the importance of accountability to our children and college boy even asked me to keep it on while he’s away at college just in case of an emergency!  I’ve been using this app since my oldest started driving.

Interested in tracking your kids (or your parents)?  Here are several popular app choices that you may want to investigate.

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