App of the Day, HQ Trivia

Apparently I’m the last to know about this App.  My high school sophomore was so excited to tell me about it yesterday that he grabbed my phone while I was cooking dinner and downloaded it for me.  Then he reminded me at 8:58 PM that “The game is about to start, Mom!”.  So we sat down side by side with our phones and tuned in to the live broadcast of the HQ Trivia Game.  Walt, me and 1 Million others.  


It is a faced paced trivia game hosted by a live person while all the million participants send meaningless chat notes in between questions.  If you can answer 12 out of 12 questions correctly then you win cash money.  Yep.  Cash money.  


Walt got the first four.  I beat him by one.  No money for us but we’ll be tuning in again tonight and probably again and again.  I love trivia even though I’m not really good at it.  It’s just fun to play with my baby boy/teenager.