App of the day: Venmo

App of the Day:  Venmo

Being able to pay someone in two second with a few clicks on an app is amazing to me!  You an pay friends and family with a Venmo account using money you have in Venmo, or link your bank account or debit card quickly.
My college boy says he and his friends use Venmo all the time rather than cash to pay each other when splitting bills etc.  


My high school boy is using Venmo as a method to collect payments for baseball Wildcat Cards.


I have a rental house and my tenants use Venmo to pay me the rent every month.  They thought I was super cool when I agreed to this but I actually LOVE it!


I’ve also Venmo’d money to girlfriends when chipping in for gifts and dinner.


There are other options similar to Venmo and I’ll include the links below but Venmo works great for me!  Here’s an interesting article from Business Insider Comparing three options.
    1.  Venmo
    2. Zelle
    3. Apple Pay