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We will update the list periodically by adding or deleting based on the comments provided.

Please share your information so we can all have working appliances!  If you have a recommendation to add then please post via the comment section. 

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5 thoughts on “Appliance Repair

  1. The door spring broke on my dishwasher and I called Kevin Yancey (Appliance Repair) Monday morning and he arrived a few hours later. He arrived with another repairman and within a short time determined the problem and fixed it. I highly recommend calling Kevin. his number is: 770-885-9210

  2. I highly recommend Jim Travis. I recently had a refrigerator problem, and Jim starting by doing some research specific to my make and model of refrigerator. His recommended solution was spot-on. I appreciated his methodical approach and his pleasant demeanor. Call Jim Travis @ 404-664-4611

  3. I tried to contact several people on the list and couldn’t get anyone to call me back. The appliance poltergeist had attack and I had several issues at once. I finally reached Abraham Mursalimov. He was able to be at my house the next day and he was wonderfu. I even received a call with him asking if he could come early. Abraham was so helpful and took care of several of my appliances. He quickly diagnosed my washer as non-savable (which we pretty much already knew), serviced and fixed my screaming dryer, reattached & balanced my dishwasher, located and stopped the refrigerator leak and found replacement drawers for the broken ones on eBay so we would only have to replace one major appliance that day. He left my house about an hour and a half later. He kept me informed with all costs and his prices were very fair. Abraham Mursalimov 404-513-3279.

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