Atlanta Specialized Care Addresses Underserved Adult Autism Population

Atlanta Specialized Care Clinical Director Tatiana Matthews, MS, LPC, CRC

Atlanta Specialized Care Continues to Treat Mental Health While Addressing Underserved Adult Autism Population

ATLANTA, GA, SEPTEMBER 24, 2019 – Atlanta Specialized Care, a professional counseling practice, is proud to treat mental health for adults, adolescents, and children as well as the under-served adult autism population. With offices in Alpharetta and Sandy Springs, Atlanta Specialized Care offers a variety of counseling interventions to address many challenges, such as mood, family, trauma, and addiction for the general population, but is unique in their additional area of expertise working with adults on the autism spectrum. The counseling practice provides scientifically proven interventions and compassionate care tailored to each patient treated.

“Services for adults with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder in metro Atlanta are limited, fragmented and geared toward those who are more impaired,” said Atlanta Specialized Care Clinical Director Tatiana Matthews, MS, LPC, CRC. “High-functioning autism is frequently missed or not supported appropriately. The outcome results in a failure to launch, low quality of life and underemployment.”

In response, Atlanta Specialized Care launched the Adult Executive Functioning group for those who struggle socially or with executive functioning including planning, organizing, time management, and executing. According to Matthews, “Many autistic adults bring significant strengths to the table. Because they are not appropriately accommodated, the workforce is missing out on unbelievable employees and more importantly, society is missing out on connecting with many wonderful adults.”

Atlanta Specialized Care recently merged two practices, Tatiana Matthew, LPC in Alpharetta and Atlanta Center for Specialized Care in Sandy Springs with a new website The combined practices provide patients with access to comprehensive counseling services throughout the metro Atlanta area.

About Atlanta Specialized Care

Atlanta Specialized Care offers professional counseling services in Atlanta, Georgia. Our services include individual and group therapy to address mood, addiction, trauma, family dynamics, social and communication challenges, and executive functioning difficulty for adults, children, and adolescents. We also provide workplace consultations to help organizations manage challenging employee situations and magnify employee strengths.

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