Audra and Peggy’s Visit to CycleBar

Audra & Peggy

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

Something I have never said before:  “Be back in an hour I’m going to spin class!”  Well, that is until last week.  CycleBar Dunwoody invited Peggy and me to try a class.  We were both worried we might die but sort of talked each other into it.  I am happy to report we are still alive but definitely “saddle sore” and a little more fit 🙂

I have always wondered what on earth you could do on a bike for an hour that was fun and fit?  Now I get it.  Our CycleStar (AKA instructor) Angela was energetic and enthusiastic and had a great play list for our ride.  She helped us get our shoes clipped in, which made me a little claustrophobic at first but shortly into the ride, I realized they were a life saver.  She also adjusted our bikes to fit our bodies and emphasized that we should follow her lead but also let our bodies tell us our limits and adjust the pace accordingly.

Indoor studio, bikes 6+ feet apart

After a brief warm up, the spinning progressed from sitting and spinning to standing and spinning then sort of dancing and spinning to raising a bar overhead while spinning and doing modified push ups while spinning.  Whoa.   What a great workout.  And so much fun.  And exhausting.  Now I know why my friends who are members go so often.  Here’s what my friends John and Libba had to say about CycleBar when I texted them after class to brag about finally taking my first ride:

Libba Morris:  “I love CycleBar and both Katie (her daughter) and I have been going a lot lately! Colton is great! I really like it as I get a good cardio workout and it is better for my knees than running which I had to give up a few years ago!!”

One of John’s recent ride stat reports

John Heneghan:  “I am a regular at CycleBar having completed over 600 rides in the last few years and I really enjoy it. My time at CycleBar is the one hour of my day that is dedicated solely to me, there are no cell phones, emails or demands of the everyday world. I zone out though great music & push myself hard on the bike where I compete against myself to push my body & heart to an improved level of fitness. The instructors are fantastic and over time I have fostered long term relationships with other riders where we encourage each other to in ways in which riding a bike in your basement would never do. It can also be competitive as I have guys in there that I race… I just enjoy it and it burns / lowers my stress level. I’m also glad there is an AED there and someone to shock me. My basement doesn’t have that!”

Peggy and I laughed and laughed after seeing John’s stats because we were ranked 14 and 15 respectively out of the 15 people riding in our class whereas he was #1.  

Colton Southworth

Here’s the scoop about CycleBar Dunwoody…Colton is the manager and a CycleStar.  He has gone out of his way to keep it Covid safe.  There are only 15 bikes spaced more than 6 feet apart for the indoor studio classes and they have tons of classes all day long.  They also have taken advantage of their outdoor space and are offering outdoor classes…. even in the cold!   They wipe down the bikes and shoes and bars after every class.  They have also installed a bipolar ionization generator for actively treating the air quality!  Our Dunwoody CycleBar is one of the largest in size and was the 12th ever out of currently 200 worldwide.  They provide towels and shoes for every rider and have a wide variety of amazing CycleStars. 

Colton told us most of their instructors are part time and have full time jobs doing everything from fireman, parole officer, nurse, IHG executive, Home Depot employee and more!  I was fascinated to learn the rigorous process involved to become a CycleStar….it starts with a boot-camp then a two-song audition for the corporate audition team and a video of a 45-minute class!

Everyone seems to love Colton.  He is a former professional dancer from Charlotte, NC but has been managing CycleBar for about 2 1/2 years.  He told us:  “I can’t imagine a better boss” when speaking of the franchise owner, Jeff Delorme.  Delorme has been extremely supportive of the community and supports sports teams, schools, silent auctions, the police department etc. 

Outdoor Cycle Area

I’ll end by saying that community was one word that I heard over and over from the instructor, Colton, class participants and friends who are regular members.  They all feel connected by their spin community and love it.  Here’s what Peggy’s friend, Amy had to say about CycleBar:

Amy Quinn:  “I’ve been an Unlimited member at CycleBar Dunwoody for more than 3 years. I love being part of the CycleBar community! After 30 years of long-distance running, including D1 track in college, I needed an alternative for high intensity, low-impact cardio and strength training, and CB has exceeded my expectations. The instructors are top-notch, the equipment is state-of-the-art, and the community is amazing.”

Memberships can be purchased for 4, 8 or unlimited rides per month or purchased in packages of classes (10-pack or 20-pack) and all the details can be found on their website.  If you are looking for an addition to your fitness schedule or a way to start a fitness routine, you really should check them out! 

CycleBar Dunwoody
4794 Ashford Dunwoody Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338

Colton is making it easy and affordable for everyone to join!   Check out the most recent holiday specials below:

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