Audra’s 2018 Halloween Synopsis and Trick or Treat Graph since 1984

My husband and I bought our home from the original owners in 2002. The Orgerons loved Halloween. Interestingly enough, they kept a tally of the number of trick-or-treaters that came to the front door each Halloween since 1984. We kept up the tradition of counting as accurately as we can with the help of all our Halloween guests each year! We missed 2014 because we were in Oxford, Mississippi for college football but we’ve been very strict counters except for that year! We are down on the count this year.   It was a very spread out group..the youngest started the night during daylight evening hours and the older ones came out after dark…we were done before 10 and our total was 94. We think the decrease is a result of the kids in our neighborhood being mostly too old for dressing up and seeking candy on Halloween.  Here are the highlights…

  • Two different kids wearing blow up dinosaur costumes.  One was almost beheaded when trying to walk under tree branches and forgetting his head reached the trees.  The other was shuffle stepping with tiny forward progress because it was impossible to balance the head way above and the blow up tail trailing behind.   Reminded me of the miserable year my son wore a blow up Sumo wrestler costume and cried and cried because he couldn’t keep up with his friends who were swiftly RUNNING from door to door.
  • My husband stopped by for more candy on his way home from work last night and picked up several packs of all things Reese.   One couple with a toddler sent their adorable kid to the door and when he grabbed a Snickers she said “nope, wrong one, try again”.   I thought this was kind of odd but asked her what he was trying to get and she said:  “We heard you were the house with the pumpkin flavored Reese cups.”  I laughed and laughed and fished out three for them and then the dad saw something called Reese monsters and wanted one of those.   My hubby suggested we need to become friends with these new neighbors then told me about the machine that Reese created to swap out all the “bad” candy for Reese’s candy.  Hilarious.
  • My 17 year old was helping me when Rodrigo Blankenship came to the door.  OMG.  He won our costume contest HANDS DOWN.   I’m decidedly NOT a UGA football fan, but even this Auburn Tiger knows who Rodrigo Blankenship is.  This kid was ADORABLE and here’s a still shot from the video my son took.  Please, if you are his parents don’t be mad at me for publishing.  I will take it down if you ask me to, I just don’t know who he is to ask permission.
  • Dunwoody’s Rodrigo Blankenship
    The Real Rodrigo Blankenship

Were you up or down on your trick or treat numbers? Please leave a comment and mention where you live!


4 thoughts on “Audra’s 2018 Halloween Synopsis and Trick or Treat Graph since 1984

  1. Love the Rodrigo costume! Our neighborhood was very slow last night and progressively over the last few years. We are close to Brier’s North in Dunwoody and their festivities get bigger and bigger every year!

  2. My son was Rodrigo Blankenship!! He made the costume himself by taping a 9 onto an old AJ Green jersey and popping lenses out of an old pair of my glasses! He will be so thrilled that his costume was such a hit!! My kids joined their friends to trick-or-treat for the first time in your neighborhood this year and had an absolute blast!! Thanks!

  3. Audra, I love your data analysis! i think we contributed 30 or so to your total with the Kid Mob that left our house around 6:30. Thanks for tracking!

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