Audra’s 2019 Halloween Synopsis + Trick-or-Treater Graph since 1984

My husband and I bought our home from the original owners in 2002. The Orgerons loved Halloween. Interestingly enough, they kept a tally of the number of trick-or-treaters that came to the front door each Halloween since 1984. We kept up the tradition of counting as accurately as we can with the help of all our Halloween guests each year. We missed 2014 because we were in Oxford, Mississippi for college football but we’ve been very strict counters except for that year. Our numbers were back up again this year with the second highest tally ever at 141!  My husband had to give up his back stash of Reese Cups because we were running out of treats!  Here are the highlights…

  • We have a new family living across the street from us that has the scariest motorized clown in their front yard.  People were FLOCKING to see this clown and then were treated to HOME-MADE COTTON CANDY when they rang the doorbell.   Obviously the new neighbors made a great impression.   Their 1st grader rang our doorbell and told me this:  “I trick or treated at my OWN house so I could get some cotton candy!”   Adorable.
  • We also have a new next door neighbor who has the most beautiful smile.   She was our first trick-or treater of the evening and therefore the first of many who got to pet George (my dog) who loves Halloween as much as I do!  He just sits on the porch with me wagging his tail at all the people who have come to see him.  I seriously think he believes Halloween was created for him.
  • We save all of our old costumes and masks because you just never know when you might need one.   Last night our 18 year old decided to recycle the Rastafarian hat that comes with its own dreadlocks.  An adorable girl with the most beautiful milk chocolate skin took one look at him and said:  “Are you Bob Marley?” She proceeded to excitedly proclaim she was born in the same country as Marley.    A bona fide Jamaican…so so cute!
  • Lastly, we had a trio of girls who probably need to be signed up for a situational awareness class.   My husband got really into the Halloween spirit this year and replaced all our front room light bulbs with black lights.  He also bought a fogger with a remote control and played his scary Halloween music mix on a speaker that was hidden on the front porch.   So..this very brave and beautiful trio peered behind me and their fearless leader says….”Your house is scary can we come in and see.”  I said “sure, but there’s a scary monster in the kitchen”  They practically ran me over to get to the kitchen.   I yelled into the kitchen for the scary monster to be ready so he quickly swallowed his dinner and put on his mask and the bravest of all the trick or treaters I’ve ever seen hung out with Scary Monster and Bob Marley while they were scarfing down dinner.   The mom with the girls was a bit mortified and we laughed and laughed as she told the girls that trick or treating was not about going INSIDE homes. 

Halloween is on a Saturday in 2020 so I’m hoping we break the record next year!  Were you up or down on your trick or treat numbers? Please leave a comment and mention where you live!


2 thoughts on “Audra’s 2019 Halloween Synopsis + Trick-or-Treater Graph since 1984

  1. Our door bell rang 7 times on Halloween! So those kids got “jack potted” with handfuls of candy!

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