Audra’s Fitness Blog: “Fat” Darrell and his Sandwich

Fat Darrell works at UFC Gym-Perimeter.  Okay, so Fat Darrell isn’t so fat at all.  In fact, he’s in awesome shape.  He told me recently that he’d give me a sandwich recipe for our “recipe of the week”.  I was thinking it was probably a cucumber sandwich on rice cakes with protein powder or something gross like that.  NOT!  I finally looked it up on  OH MY.  Darrell is famous.  He’s linked to Food Network and Bravo and Paula Deen.  All because while he was a college student at Rutgers he talked a food truck cook at the R U Hungry Truck into making him a huge sandwich loaded with mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, marinara sauce and French fries. Reportedly it was cheaper than buying everything individually.  This article on the Cooking Channel answers all the questions and shows yummy photos of Darrell’s famous ginormous sandwich. 

Sorry Darrell but I’m not going to eat one.  Nope.  Denise (your co-worker, my personal trainer) would kill me.  But I do think it is super cool and funny and fun and I will make one for my teenage boys!

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