Audra’s Fitness Blog: Do you know what the average female pant size in the USA is?

I don’t really think of summer as swim suit season because I hardly ever wear one. My kids are old enough to go to the pool alone, heck one is a lifeguard!    When I do go swimming, I don’t really mind that my suit is a tankini with a cute skirt rather than a bikini that requires a Brazilian wax.  I never have had the body of a super model and never will. I certainly don’t ever want to be over weight but I’m fine being an average sized gal.  I just googled “What is the average female pants size in the USA?”   The top response:  16, according to  Well, whaddya know.  I’m smaller than average.  Cool.

What I do want is to feel youthful and healthy.  I made fitness a priority about 18 months ago and I haven’t felt this good in years.   My back used to hurt all the time and I would run out of breath at an alarmingly quick rate. I’m a busy working wife and mother of two very active boys.  Eric Williams of UFC Gym kept bugging the stew out of me in the fall of 2015.  Otherwise I’d probably be a little plumper and a lot less healthy today. 

I’m blessed to have the opportunity to travel often during 2017.   I’ve been on multiple trips that require walking, biking and agendas loaded with the need for a long day of physical endurance.  I’m proud to say that I can keep up with my athletic teenagers and I feel great at the end of every exhausting day!

I’m sure I could be skinnier if I worked out more than two days per week and gave up wine, margaritas and chocolate.  I think I’d rather die.  Seriously, I may try to lose a little more weight but I’m gonna wait until after our summer travels are over!  Meanwhile you can find me twice per week at UFC Gym (when I’m in town) along side my fitness pal Beth (Who CAN wear a bikini and DOES look like a super model, albeit a short one.)

The moral of the story…get up off the couch, out of your computer chair, out of the carpool line, and exercise….at least twice per week.  I promise you’ll thank me.   I’m personally going to shoot for three days per week of activity starting in the fall!  I’m guessing I’ll feel even better!

Walk your neighborhood, run/walk on the nearest school track, walk through the park while your kids are at practice, buy a jump rope (not for me), come to a class at UFC Gym, or the new Orange Theory, Dunwoody Baptist, the MJCCA or Cycle Bar….whatever floats your boat.  Take it from me…exercise is well worth the time…it just takes some getting used to… then you’ll discover you can’t live without it.

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