Audra’s Fitness Blog: There aren’t many things for which I’d get up before 6 AM!

What would get me up before 6 AM?  The first thing that comes to mind is:  catching a flight to a tropical beach.   I’m not sure there’s much else for which I’d willingly get up that early.

When I told my friend Libba I’d work out with her at 6 AM at Dunwoody Baptist one morning I should have remembered that it is extremely difficult for me to get myself anywhere that early.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually out of bed before 7 but I work from home.   I can slowly bring myself to life, hang out with my teenager at breakfast, drive him to school and then start my day.

Guess what, I not only cancelled on Libba once, but I overslept the second time.  Will I ever make it to the 6 AM class at DBC?   I’ll try one more time next week, otherwise I’ll have to choose a later class because everyone who works out there loves it and I NEED to try it.

Meanwhile, speaking of getting out of bed for a tropical vacation… young friend Anna Dubsky works at Crunch Perimeter.  She’s giving away 3 day guest passes for free!   The more passes she gives away, the better her chances are for winning a trip to Key West, Florida!  I just signed up for a pass and will add Crunch to my list of places to explore on my fitness journey!   Maybe Anna will win and catch an EARLY flight to Key West while I’m trying to make myself wake up for a 6 AM class….or maybe she’ll take me with her!?

You can try out Crunch for three days and help Anna get to Key West by clicking here.   You’ll fill out a short form then they’ll send you an email pass that expires 7 days from the day you submit the form.  When you check in at Crunch, be sure to tell them that Anna Dubsky referred you.

Crunch Perimeter is located at 4540 Olde Perimeter Way, Atlanta, GA 30346 in the Dunwoody Target shopping center.