Audra’s Fitness Blog: Zooming for Exercise (Video)

by Audra H Anders for The Aha! Connection

I’ve never “Zoomed” until this week.   Now I’ve Zoomed at least 6 times and have several more appointments on my calendar for next week.  I kinda like it and plan to continue to incorporate Zoom into my post-pandemic plans.   When my Fitness Together trainer dudes offered to train me via Zoom, I was very skeptical.   First of all, I barely have any exercise equipment in my home.   Plus, now that my family are all home ALL THE TIME there’s no empty room to designate for fitness. However, I was up for the challenge and agreed to try it once.

Nathan asked me to send him pictures of all my equipment and this is all I have:

  • 1 Bosu Ball
  • 2 Exercise Balls
  • 1 slam ball
  • 4 dumbbell weights 5 lbs, 12 lbs
  • A few exercise bands
  • 1 Kettle Bell

I have all these things at home all the time spread out in various rooms.   Do I ever use them?  No.   Have I ever created a 45-minute workout routine using the stuff I already own?  No.

Enter Nathan and Kyle.

On Monday afternoon I moved my hubby’s car out of the garage, laid down a mat, gathered all of my scattered equipment and set my laptop up on a table.   I clicked on my Zoom invitation from Nathan and voila…there he was in the gym with his smiling face ready to torture me.  Nathan seemed pleasantly satisfied with my sparse equipment selection and mentioned he’s worked with much less! 

It was a little quirky for both of us making sure his iPad and my laptop were situated so that we could see each other while demonstrating and performing the exercises. I’m always scared I’m going to hurt my back when trying to exercise alone so it was comforting to know that Nathan was watching my form to make sure I wasn’t going to injure myself.  We quickly got the hang of it and I had a very exhausting and thorough workout.  

So, I agreed to try it again on Wednesday with Kyle.  I’ll go ahead and mention that my shoulders are still sore two days later. It hurts to raise my arms and shampoo my hair.  No pain, no gain, right?

I’m a nerd so I want to learn how to edit videos with iMovie, so I brought my youngest son to the Wednesday workout to help me video then edit a short introduction to Kyle and my garage.  See my novice video:

I spoke to the Fitness Together owner (Russ) about how much I enjoyed the virtual training sessions.  He mentioned that they are LOVING Zooming with their clients and that this has opened up a whole new world for them.    We foresee people Zoom Exercising when on vacation or traveling for work.   No more excuses if you can’t make it to the gym!  

Meanwhile, guess what!?  Russ is offering Aha subscribers one virtual training session for free!  What have you got to lose except for a few extra pounds!? Take a break from Netflix, the News and Social Media… here and sign up for your free Zoom exercise session!!!

I’ll be back Zooming with Nathan and Kyle next week!