Audra’s Visit to Dunwoody’s First Rooftop Bar

By Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

My hubby and I were out running errands this weekend and rode by the AC Hotel.   A light-bulb went off in my head as I remembered the new Bar Peri Rooftop Bar was on the 7th floor.  So, we pulled in, parked and went upstairs for the view, a quick bite and a few beverages.  The AC Hotel is tucked in next door/caddy corner behind Tin Lizzy and behind the apartments that the Dunwoody Target faces.

AC Hotel Lobby – Perimeter

Parking is plentiful in the deck adjacent to the hotel.  I asked the front desk agent how to get to the Bar Peri and he directed us through the beautiful lobby to the elevators and sent us climbing to the 7th floor.  The 7th floor is just above the tree top canopy of the Perimeter Mall area.  The views of the new State Farm Buildings and The Concourse’s King and Queen are beautiful.  It was a clear sunny day so they had “see through” shades pulled down to keep us from being blinded by the sun.

The decor is lovely.  They use my favorite color (green) along with beige throughout and it has a calming, comfortable albeit modern vibe.  We sat on a comfy loveseat and ordered drinks and appetizers at the indoor/outdoor bar.   We were in a Bloody Mary mood and the bartender let me check the mix to make sure it was gluten free (it was).  Then we ordered almonds (which were OK, but not as good as the Marconas at Vino Venue).  For our second round we ordered warm citrus olives and chilled shrimp.  Both were delicious.  The staff was attentive and friendly.  We’ll definitely be back!

Bar Peri
atop the AC Hotel Perimeter
40 Perimeter Center Pl, Dunwoody, GA 30346