Book of the Week: Bringing Up Boys: Shaping the Next Generation of Men by James Dobson

My hardback version of Bringing Up Boys:  Shaping the Next Generation of Men was copyrighted 2001, the year my youngest son was born.   I grabbed it from my library today to review something I remembered from this amazing book.  I realized when putting it back on the shelf that I’ve had this book for 18 years and it is the parenting book that I most often refer to.   Of course I only have boys so it makes since that I’d be drawn to this topic.   My parenting choices and my young men are faaaaar from perfect but Dobson’s parenting ideas, as they relate to boys, have really helped me when I needed them the most.   The newest version that I’ve linked below was updated in 2014 so I may have to get a new copy and see what I’ve missed!  

Just wanted to share in case any parents of boys weren’t aware of this book….