Book of the Week by a Local Author: Out of Sight Out of Mind – A Madman’s Journal

A local Dunwoody businessman, who is also from my home state of Alabama, contacted me recently and asked me if I’d like to have a copy of his book to read.   Once I read the synopsis I immediately agreed to add it to my list of books to read.  I haven’t read it yet but wanted to go ahead and let you know about it in case you’d like to get a copy of your own.  
Here’s the synopsis from Amazon:
Out Of Sight Out Of Mind: A Madman’s Journal is the memoir of a longtime businessman who was prosecuted and convicted for his debts following the great recession. Michael J. Harrison, a fifty-year-old white Southerner, was then sent to a level-four prison camp, where suddenly he became a minority and a disadvantaged citizen. Chronicling the revolving emotions of love and hate he experienced, this journal follows the pain, the torment, and the enlightenment of one man’s soul. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind: A Madman’s Journal is the story of this man’s fall, his struggles with the dark side of his culture, and his rise from the ashes.   For the businessman, it also warns of the consequences of losing focus on your dream and neglecting your attention to detail.