Book of the Week: Wonder by Raquel J. Palacio

I read Wonder several years ago and absolutely loved it.  My youngest was in middle school then and he needed a book to read.  I handed over my Kindle and told him to try Wonder.  He’d much rather be participating in an active sport or playing a video game than reading, so I was surprised when he simply could not put this book down.  Over the few days that it took him to finish, he continued to want to talk about everything he was reading.  This is the only book that has ever affected him in this way.  

It obviously impacted many others in the same way because now it is a major motion picture starring Julia Roberts and  Owen Wilson as the parents and Jacob Tremblay as the main character, Auggie. Time marches on…. and my former middle schooler who loves this book promised to drive me to see it this week.  I can hardly wait for this movie date with my sweet giant-hearted 16 year old.  Amazon has a few deals if you want to buy the book just click the title:  Wonder

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