Books: 7 Things to Share from Audra’s Meadowlake Book Club

by Audra H Anders for The Aha! Connection

My friend/neighbor, Heather, took over managing our Meadowlake neighborhood book club a few years ago and has done an amazing job.    I’m sharing her note to our book club from this week because it is full of great info!

  1. Barnes & Noble Perimeter is still doing online orders with curbside pickup from 10-5. Please support them, as you are able.
  1. Audible is offering many children’s books for FREE right now. Unplug the kids from the gaming system and plug in their headphones to a book.
  1. Dolly Parton (y’all know I’m a huge fan) is going to be reading books to kids nightly (“Goodnight with Dolly”), starting 4/2.
  1. Brené Brown’s (my BFF… she just doesn’t know it) “The Gift of Imperfection” was Supriya’s PERFECT choice for March. Book chat was amazing and all left feeling truly connected. My girl was on 60 Minutes on Sunday. Check it out!!
  2. Heard a GREAT podcast to help little people with anxiety during COVID.  (Goop, March 25th)
  3. Local author, Kelly Fletcher:  Get Kelly’s Box Set for $1.99 during the pre-order special!