‘Top Gunnerton’ Races Into Petite Violette for Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem, Beginning August 5

Note from Audra: My husband and I attended the prior show.   Yellowstonezark a few weeks ago and laughed and laughed and laughed.  The food was great and the interactive entertainment was so much fun!   It was fun meeting new people at our table and participating in the hilarious murder mystery based on two TV shows we love (Yellowstone & Ozark).Read More »

Meet Jennifer & Quincy – They get PAID to give their opinions to the Consumer Innovation Center

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

Last year I visited the Consumer Innovation Center for the first time and told you all about How You Can Get Paid to Give Your Opinion About What Goes on Store Shelves!  Today I took Peggy along with me and now she’s already signed up to be a possible tester! … Read More »

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What series are you binging and what movies are you streaming?!

Best series to binge this summer?  Best movies to stream at home?!   Please share and we’ll make a list!

Peggy is obsessed with Workin’ Moms on Netflix – Season 6 just came out.  Her husband Trevor can’t get enough of Stranger Things on Netflix

Hubby and I are just starting to watch Peaky Blinders and can’t get enough!   … Read More »

DeKalb County Public Library Teams Up with City Schools of Decatur to Expand Access to Ebooks and Digital Audiobooks for Students


DECATUR, GA. – June 21, 2022 – As educators seek more creative ways to support students’ learning, a key resource for schools is the local public library. Now, as part of a national trend,DeKalb County Public Library and City Schools of Decatur have formed a partnership to increase students’ access to digital reading materials from the library.… Read More »

Movie Giveaway: MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON @ Regal Perimeter Pointe 6/22

The Aha! Connection subscribers are invited to an advance screening of upcoming animated comedy “MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON” It will be hitting ATL theaters July 8. 

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON is a continuation of the beloved YouTube shorts voiced by Jenny Slate that you can find  here 

Here’s how to get tickets to see MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON for FREE on 6/22.Read More »

Here’s what we are reading…..What are you reading? + 4 Books….4 Winners!

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

Peggy and I thought you might like to know what we are reading…..plus we felt like giving books away!  In order to win you’ve just got to tell us a great book you’ve read lately and which of the following four books you’d like to win most!  Comment on our website or Facebook post! … Read More »

Dunwoody Direct Primary Care ~ Dr. Casey Locarnini’s Revolutionary New Medical Practice

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

Have you ever wished you had your doctor’s cell phone number?   Or that you could stop in real quick to see your doctor to ask about a rash that developed overnight?  Or that your kid away at Auburn could phone his doctor from school to ask about how to treat the bee sting that keeps swelling? … Read More »

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Peggy & Audra’s Fave Business Visit Yet: Camp Run-a-Mutt Dunwoody

by Audra H. Anders and Peggy Smith for The Aha! Connection

As you know, Peggy and I have been out and about visiting local businesses.  Well, this one particular visit was our favorite so far. We didn’t want to leave.  Both of us kept staring out the window at the dogs having a blast and petting the ones who were inside taking it easy. … Read More »

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I’m so excited to see BEAUTIFUL – THE CAROLE KING MUSICAL tonight!  I saw it with my Hubby a few years ago on Broadway and can’t wait to see it again tonight with my BFF, Carolyn.   The music is PHENOMENAL and it will only be here today through Sunday!   Purchase your tickets here.

The ensemble of Beautiful includes Isaiah Bailey, Edwin Bates, Kaitlyn Davis, Rosharra Francis, Jamary A.Read More »

Marlow’s Tavern: Audra & Peggy Try the New Menu + Marlow’s is Hiring and Loves Supporting the Community!

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection with lots of help from Peggy Smith!

Back in the day when my boys were playing travel baseball, my husband discovered Marlow’s Taverns in Tucker and Vinings.   Then we found the one in East Cobb and then the one near Sugarloaf.  If we could find a Marlow’s near our games…we went. … Read More »

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Meet Sabrina & Paige…Agents on the Karen Cannon Realtor Team!

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

Recently I have been out and about meeting and interviewing many of the amazing Realtors in our community. I’ve been well acquainted with the Karen Cannon Realtor team for many years. In fact, their team was just recently voted 2022’s Best of Perimeter Best Brokerage, Team & Realtor.… Read More »