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Note from Jackson:  Contact us for any of the jobs below and please note we can also find a teen to help you move boxes, set up outdoor decorations, pressure wash your screened porch, babysit while you work, cut your grass, cart your kids to camps or practices, pet sit for your vacation and more!  We have a crew of students available to help you!Read More »


Jackson Moore

Found male bulldog Spalding Lake Subdivision

Update:  This dog is now home!

We found a male bulldog with red collar in Spalding Lake subdivision. We went door to door and couldn’t find anyone that recognized the dog. Took to the vet and it has no microchip. Please contact me if you know who this cutie belongs to.

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Lost (?) gray adult cat

Well cared for fluffy light gray cat sighted three times at night in past three weeks. Location: 5200 – 5300 block Seaton Drive in Kingsley, Dunwoody.… Read More »

Do you recognize this cat?

Hi, I live in the North Springs neighborhood and we have been frequently visited by this cat. VERY sweet – loves to be pet. I don’t know if he’s lost, but if he is, I hope someone recognizes him.Read More »


(770) 855-2681


Please call if you see or find Oliver our very loved Jack russel/min-pin mix. Around 14 lbs. Black and Brown. Has been missing since 2:30 Sunday December 1st. Last seen on Trailridge Pass in the Branches. No collar as had just returned from the groomer.

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(480) 539-9452

Small Indoor Cat Missing (update – she’s been found!)

Update:  Oreo is now home!

Oreo has never left the house and she has been gone for several hours. She is very unique and has a black mask. She is the friendliest little cat you have ever seen and I am extremely worried. She needs to be around people. PLEASE let me know if you have seen her or maybe have her.… Read More »

Found Pitbull mix puppy- Withmere & Mt. Vernon Way

Found a male puppy, pitbull mix- not neutered, on the corner of Withmere Way & Mt. Vernon Way in Dunwoody Club Forest West neighborhood. Found the puppy on Sunday night, Nov 24th, around 8pm, no collar. Puppy was clean, well fed and sweet as can be, and hoping it will find his owner. The puppy is white with large brown spots on his back.… Read More »


(404) 599-2627

Pet Sitter for the Holiday Season (and whenever)

Note from Audra:  Alaina is the closest thing I have to a daughter…..I recommend her highly.  She loves animals and is very conscientious and reliable!

I’m Alaina Moncrief. I am a senior at Dunwoody High School and I live in the Branches. Since I am not going anywhere during  winter break, I figured it was the perfect opportunity for me to do what I love!… Read More »


Alaina Moncrief
(404) 408-5580

Orange Tabby Kitten – Been through a lot. Ready for a home.

This sweet kitten is in foster with me from Lifeline where he was dropped off and found to have a hernia that allowed his intestines into his chest cavity making it impossible to breath. It’s not known if this was congenital or due to a trauma (likely, since he was already about 5 weeks when rescued).… Read More »


(770) 316-4550

Found Cat – Meadowlake Subdivision (Near Vanderlyn)

My son and I found this adorable cat on the evening of October 14th.   She’s sweet and loving, definitely not feral.   She is not mircro-chipped and according to my vet she has no fleas, is female, about 8 months old and not pregnant.   Surely someone is missing this precious little girl.   Contact me if you you recognize her!… Read More »