Community and Ritual: The Mental Health Benefits of Religion

Tatiana asked her new intern to write the following in response to the number of folks who have asked her “Does religion help when it comes to mental health?”

by Natalie Stadnick-Uhl, M.Div, Intern Atlanta Specialized Care

Studies have shown that those who consider themselves religious or practice a religion are more resilient and have better mental health.… Read More »

Tatiana Answers: My daughter has no girlfriends….?


 My daughter is 14 and started at DHS this year.  She has been here and in the schools since 1st grade.  She used to have lots of friends but I noticed during 7th and 8th grade she would have one friend at a time. Since high school she has no girlfriends.  It’s really breaking my heart and I am not sure what to do to as a parent!! … Read More »

Atlanta Specialized Care (Ask Tatiana) has a new Dunwoody Village Office!

Atlanta Specialized Care is dedicated to helping those who struggle with mood, trauma, social and communication challenges or executive functioning difficulty. We offer highly specialized care.    You can still “Ask Tatiana” a confidential question via email anytime…or if you prefer to chat with her go see her new office in Dunwoody Village! Do you have a question for Tatiana?… Read More »

Tatiana Answers: When is it time to take someone to the hospital instead of a counselor?

Dear Tatiana,

How do I know when it is time to take someone to the hospital instead of a counselor?


Dear Anonymous,

When a friend or family member has overtly threatened or inferred thoughts of suicide or homicide or expressed a lack of hope or intention for the future, do not leave them unattended and take them immediately to the hospital.… Read More »


Atlanta Specialized Care Addresses Underserved Adult Autism Population

Atlanta Specialized Care Continues to Treat Mental Health While Addressing Underserved Adult Autism Population

ATLANTA, GA, SEPTEMBER 24, 2019 – Atlanta Specialized Care, a professional counseling practice, is proud to treat mental health for adults, adolescents, and children as well as the under-served adult autism population. With offices in Alpharetta and Sandy Springs, Atlanta Specialized Care offers a variety of counseling interventions to address many challenges, such as mood, family, trauma, and addiction for the general population, but is unique in their additional area of expertise working with adults on the autism spectrum.… Read More »

Ask Tatiana!

Tatiana Matthews is not “Dear Abby” but rather a Dunwoody resident, mom of 2, and more importantly, a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Anyone with a question can submit directly to Tatiana via email to   People who submit will remain anonymous and even Audra won’t see the author of the questions….only Tatiana. View all of Tatiana’s previous Q/A here: More »

Tatiana Answers: What are the signs that quirky habits are turning into OCD?

Dear Tatiana,

We all have quirky habits but what are the signs that these habits are turning into OCD? My high school aged daughter sets an alarm on her phone when she takes a study break to remind her that break time is over. Recently I discovered that she showers only on the hour and half hour and when suggested that she can do it at any time she looked panicked.… Read More »

Tatiana Answers: How to find a good therapist.

Dear Tatiana,

I have been looking for a therapist for my son and myself and I am feeling very frustrated. Our pediatrician gave us a list of providers that I spent a day calling on for him. Most of the messages I left were not returned and those that called me back were full. I experienced a similar outcome using the provider list published by my insurance company.… Read More »


Tatiana Answers: Helping Teen Cope with Death of a Loved One


My 16-year-old son’s best friend died a few months ago. He doesn’t talk much about it with me, and more worrisome, he doesn’t really discuss it with his friends. He said they’re all trying to appear like they’re fine, but they aren’t. It was his friend’s birthday yesterday and there was a celebration at the cemetery.… Read More »

Pushing Back on a Culture of Suicide by Tatiana Matthews

by Tatiana Matthews, LPC for The Aha! Connection

In the last two years, my practices in Alpharetta and Dunwoody have been inundated by suicidal patients. It is unlike anything I’ve seen during my nearly 25 years in the mental health field. The Centers for Disease Control reports that between 2007 – 2017 the overall rate of suicide rose 26%.… Read More »


Tatiana Matthews, LPC

Tatiana Gives Advice to a Woman Worried About Husband’s Dementia Symptoms

Dear Tatiana,

My husband is 83, in great shape, healthy and plays tennis. He is losing memories. Things that just happened he does not remember. He asks me the same question over and over. I have taken him to a neurologist. He gave him pills to take twice a day. He won’t take them as he never took any pills in his life, not even vitamins. … Read More »


Tatiana Answers a wife worried her husband is up to no good on the internet

Good morning!

My husband retired last year from a long and successful career. As part of his job he spent hours in front of the computer at the office and then at home as well. I never really thought anything about it as he had a demanding position. However, now he spends 12-16 hours a day in his home office looking at the computer, and is fully retired.Read More »


Tatiana Matthews, LPC

Tatiana Answers how to handle discussions within families when politics differ among the members

Tatiana –

Recently, I was in a close friend group of well-educated, Christian and moderately conservative friends. The subject came up that marriages and family relationships are being highly challenged, due to the current political era of divisiveness and negativity.  Specifically, personal relationships, that were once more in sync, are now adamantly retreating to opposite corners with staunch differing opinions and changes of heart, and it’s causing stress and heartache.… Read More »


Tatiana Matthews, LPC