Audra’s Fitness Blog – What is an IBJJF?

One year ago I would have never been able to figure out what this acronym stands for: 


It only took about 5 seconds though and the answer popped into my head….   International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation  

Beth and I haven’t practiced any Jiu-Jitsu but we seem to arrive before, after and sometimes during Jiu-Jitsu lessons and it looks very intense but fun. … Read More »

Audra’s Fitness Blog: Farewell Jose

Beth and I are in our 11th month of training at UFC Gym and are still going strong.  One year ago I would have NEVER DREAMED of working out during the holidays.  I’d be too busy eating yummy food and planning my new year’s resolution to get in shape the next year.  I did this for many years and am so thankful to report that I stuck with it during 2016 and feel better and younger than I have in years! … Read More »

Audra’s Fitness Blog: Workout Music Suggestions Wanted

So, I went for my annual physical last week and my doctor was THRILLED with my progress over the last 12 months.  My gluten free diet has KILLED all of my Celiac symptoms, my exercise routine has melted off a few pounds, boosted my energy and helped me sleep better at night.  I’m here to tell you that diet and exercise have REALLY made a difference in my well-being! … Read More »

Beth’s Fitness Blog

Note from Audra…I don’t want y’all to get tired of me so I’ve asked Beth to help me write a few Fitness Blog entries.  I definitely wouldn’t still be working out if it wasn’t for her.  Check out w what she has to say about what motivates her!

Submitted by Beth Dubsky (Audra’s Fitness Friend)  Last month was my wedding anniversary.… Read More »

Audra’s Fitness Blog: Beth’s Turn to Tell All!

Note from Audra:  Beth Dubsky has turned out to be the PERFECT fitness partner!  Plus, she agreed to write a few blog entries for me so you can get her perspective on our experience!

Beth’s Fitness Blog Entry #1

“I am not a gym person.” This is what I used to tell people when they asked me where I worked out.… Read More »

Audra’s Fitness Blog: Biking the Atlanta Beltline

I don’t always complete all of my summer goals but made sure that “Biking the Beltline” was a goal that my family completed before school started back!  Finding time for the four of us to do this together turned out to be impossible so I settled for just me and my boys.

Ordinarily I would have been very nervous about keeping up with my two very healthy and athletic teenagers. … Read More »

Audra’s Fitness Blog: Why do I keep doing this?

Entry #8

The answer is short and sweet (literally).  Beth

UFC Gym bugged me for over a year offering to let me try anything and everything that they offered for fitness.   I gained a ton of weight last summer due to an unexpected illness and REALLY wanted to lose weight but there was nothing anyone could do to get me to self-motivate to go to a gym and workout.  … Read More »

Audra’s Fitness Blog – Entry #6

Since my last entry at the end of March, Beth and I decided we weren’t ready to give up our private lessons with Jose just yet!  However, we’ve joined the gym (UFC Gym- Perimeter) and have tried a few classes in addition to our private twice per week sessions with Jose (Who happens to be the employee of the month at UFC this month!)… Read More »

Audra’s Fitness Blog – Entry #5

Please remember that pre-2016 Audra NEVER worked out.  I walked my dog daily but never for long distances or at a swift pace.  I’m busy…dreadfully busy… but taking care of my body and making time for exercise never made it to the top of my priority list.  2016 Audra is  hooked on exercise. I feel great, my clothes fit better, and I’m slowly (but surely) losing all the pounds I gained due to my summer 2015 health issues.  … Read More »

Audra’s Fitness Blog – Entry #4

All of the women who won the class with Beth, Jose, and me had a GREAT time on Friday.  Jose set up a fun class that took the girls on a circuit similar to what he organizes for Beth and me each week.  As usual, Jose wonderfully managed the myriad of fitness levels in the group and nobody felt overwhelmed, stupid or bored! … Read More »

Audra’s Fitness Blog – Entry #2

It has been two weeks since my first entry and believe it or not I still like Jose!  I’m sore every day but it “hurts so good” and the few pounds I’ve lost are so worth the pain!

I’m also feeling smarter because I’ve increased my vocabulary during this process.  Here are a few of the words I’ve learned:

Interestingly enough, I bought one of each for my house and Beth did too! … Read More »