Changes are coming to those of you who use either an AT&T or Bellsouth email address

If you only use AT&T for internet service, this does not apply to you.

For several years, AT&T has had Yahoo handle their email environment.  That is changing.  Yahoo aka “We only got hacked two times and we’re begrudgingly telling you because we’re forced to disclose it.” just got acquired by Verizon. Because of this, it looks as though AT&T is breaking up with Yahoo.  Everyone who has an email account with AT&T or Bellsouth should be getting notified that their accounts will no longer link to Yahoo services after a short while.  Don’t worry.  THIS WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR EMAIL.  Do not change your email in a panic.  Everything’s fine.  This only is a big deal if you use any of Yahoo’s other services, which after 13 years of seeing what you do on your computers, doesn’t happen a whole lot.  Don’t make a run on one of the exceptionally solvent banks in Dunwoody’s very own financial district just yet.  Settle down, have a pizza in Little Dunwoody.  See you in a while.

Adam Freedman
Dunwoody PC