Chesnut Elementary Turning 50!

Let’s share 50 reasons why we love Chesnut Elementary! 

  • 2018 marks Chesnut Elementary’s 50th birthday 
  • We know current and former Chesnut Cougars will have lots and lots to say!
  • So tell us …what is it you love/had loved about being a Chesnut Cougar that has/had been so great?
  • And that has given Dunwoody families such warm memories of this little school since 1968?

Please send an email (as succinct as possible) to and kindly include name, age (year graduated or Chesnut age/grade in 2018-19). If you are a staff member or former staff member, please include info. If you are a parent/former parent, you are welcome to reply as well. The bulk of the responses we choose are planned to be from current and former students and staff. We cannot wait to share so many amazing reasons to love Chesnut!! We are looking to have all submissions by 7/23.