Children’s Gift Guide 2020

by Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

Kids these days…I wrestle with trying to balance the electronic devices and accessories they ask for with tangible things to wrap up. Here are some ideas for a wide range of kids.

Razor Kishi for iPhone – This handy little device turns (almost) any iPhone into an Xbox style game controller. Basically, it allows your gaming kiddo the ability to play cloud-based games like a console game.

Light Up Frisbee – I mean, who doesn’t love a frisbee?! This one lights up and is water resistant and floats. With all the disc golf courses in Dunwoody and around Atlanta, this will give an excuse to get outside.

Ninja Line – Next to a trampoline, this Ninja Line has been the best outdoor purchase for our kids. We have had it for three years and have continued to raise it up and spread the obstacles as our kids get taller.

Bean Boozled – I hate this game, but my kids LOVE it. In fact, every kid I know that comes over loves this game. My kids will film themselves playing it for their fake YouTube channel. It really is pretty funny for any age. It is a spinner with different jellybean flavors like marshmallow, stink bug, peach and barf. You spin the wheel and try to pick the yummy jellybean, but sometimes get the gross one.

Musical Sleep Mask – More for older kids, this comfy mask help block out light and plays music or soothing sounds via bluetooth. This is great for those that have trouble sleeping or just need to veg out and take a break.

Magnetic Putty – Thinking putty has been great for my fidgety child. I have a tiny tin that I use when I’m working through things as well. This magnetic putty can be used by your fidgeter, but also as a science lesson or just some good ole’ tactile fun.

Fisher-Price Rollin’ Rovee – I don’t have littles anymore, but I’ve been told that this toy is super fun. It allows itty bitties to sit and play peek-a-boo and rotates to move and encourage crawling. It can also be fun for toddlers by playing freeze dance, catch or just ‘rockin out.’

Hamilton Gifts (and more here) – With Hamilton’s Disney+ release during our lockdown, millions of people got to share in the phenomenon that is Hamilton. So many of those people are kids who sing the songs, dance along and can’t pass up the opportunity to break into “Wait For It” anytime you tell them to wait. 

Candy from around the world (and more here and here) – Another “activity” that my kids like to do for their fake YouTube channel is tasting candy or treats from different countries. It’s pretty fun to sit down as a family and try some of the different stuff. Sometimes it’s nostalgic to places we’ve traveled or brings up memories from childhood.

Face Mask Tie Dye Kit – Masks are the new accessory in our lives. This fun craft will give them some ownership of it. Plus tie dye really had a Covid moment.