Coach Dwyer’s Adventure Camps at Kingswood United Methodist Church

Summer Camp Schedule 2021
HALF DAY HOURS 9am – 1pm

Week 1: June 7 – 11: Bombardment Bliss

Non-stop til you drop. Bombardment and Dodgeball week is a favorite among Dunwoody boys and girls of all ages. This week is geared toward the active and competitive child but, everyone loves it. 

Week 2: June 21-25: Soakin’ Slip n’ Slide

How are you going to beat the heat this summer? By coming to our Super Soakin’ Week of Fun, that’s how! We’ll enjoy a wet and wild week of water games and super soakin fun! You’ll cherish the classics: water balloon toss, balloon rocket launchers, and squirt tag.  To top it all off you even get to soak your counselor on the last day!! Bring a swimsuit, a towel, and a super soaker if you have one, and be prepared to get wet!

Week 3: June 28-July 2: Kids cross fit training/ Ninja Warrior/ Jedi Camp/ Kick boxin’/ Obstacle Courses 

This week has something for everyone. Are you looking to build strength and endurance? Does the force interest you? Do you wish to wield a lightsaber? Do you wish to fight the forces of evil and uphold the moral code of a Jedi Knight? If so, this is the camp for you. Each camper will make his own lightsaber and enter into the world of the Jedi Warrior!


Week 4: July 5-9:  Pirates Treasure Hunt 

We’ll scour the woods for hidden treasures and look for the elusive Captain Jack Sparrow! After we learn how to read a treasure map, we will be on our way to the hidden pirates’ treasure with the help of our trusted compass. Get ready for a big show at the end of the week because we’re digging up the buried treasure and goodies will be shared by all.


Week 5: July 12-16: Sportz/Bombardment Bliss/Dodgeball

Soccer, basketball, flag football, dodgeball, bombardment, and capture the flag. Do you like sports? Then this is definitely the week for you! This fun-filled week is packed with great games and non-stop action! Be sure to get a good night’s sleep and eat your Wheaties so you can play like a champion.Need I say more?  


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