College Admission & Aid Secrets Revealed

Edison Prep was honored to be asked to speak on a national financial advice podcast called ChooseFI; the episode was just released today! We covered how with a little advance planning, students who earn good grades, take rigorous classes, and earn top test scores can help cut or eliminate the costs of college. Costs are over 228% as high as when we attended college, so focusing not just on admission but affordability is key!

Check out the episode: “Episode 114: Demystifying College Admission and Merit Aid” in Apple’s podcast app, Stitcher, other podcast apps, or the direct link here:

ChooseFI also asked us to record a bonus follow-up episode of that will air this Friday 2/15 that is focused on numerous additional creative ways to cut college costs that are *not* explicitly based on a great GPA and/or SAT/ACT (e.g. Resident Advisor, Dual Enrollment classes, etc)