Controversial New Billboard Near Perimeter Pointe Chick-fil-A

Intersection of Abernathy and Mt. Vernon Roads. The sign is located in front of the now closed Tilted Kilt/Max & Irma’s restaurant.

I started getting emails about this new structure on Monday.  Then I started seeing Facebook posts on Tuesday and today I noticed that Dunwoody has placed a moratorium on LED sign applications.

Upon closer look it appears to be a giant corner billboard with at least two sides.    Sandy Springs City Councilman, Gabriel Sterling, has this to say about the billboard on his Facebook page:

“I’m not happy about it, but this billboard at the SE Corner of Abernathy and Mt. Vernon Hwy. is part of a leftover Fulton County issue. Their sign ordinance was deemed unconstitutional. Therefore, they had no sign ordinance and several billboard companies rushed in and got permits for billboards. This action gave those companies rights on land all over Sandy Springs, Johns Creek and Milton. This was before we, and the other areas, were cities. When we became a city we went into litigation to stop these billboards. The number of permits was just under 30 in Sandy Springs, if memory serves. We settled for allowing 8 in potentially 10 “nodes”. These could be LED. This one sits in Node 10. It’s design is the smallest of those allowed. It will be surrounded by brick on completion. I am having staff check on one more thing…whether it is at least 10 feet away from the city’s right of way. This is the last of the 8 allowed in the agreement. I think 2 of the 8 were formerly static billboards that were converted to LED. If we had not settled, we could have seen all of those nearly 30 billboards built and the city would have paid damages in the neighborhood of $7 million (on the conservative side). Sometimes we are given the last bad of bad choices. Again, I’m not happy about it, but this is the last of the 8 so there should be no more coming.”


7 thoughts on “Controversial New Billboard Near Perimeter Pointe Chick-fil-A

  1. Unbelievable! First Sandy Springs dumps, The Tilted Kilt, on our corner. Now they conveniently allow an led billboard on Dunwoody’s doorstep. We are not interested in having our Mt Vernon Rd resemble your Roswell Rd. Shameful!

  2. I say find out the name of the sign company and what businesses will be advertising on this sign, then contact the businesses and boycott them!

  3. Right answer. Do NOT support any company that advertises on this sign. BUT, must go one step further and notify them that you won’t support them and you’ll do your utmost to convince others not to either.

  4. Just saw this massive eyesore for the first time. So shameful that all of our judges have been bought off by the billboard companies.

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