Cookie Camp

(recommended for age 7 and UP)

3 hours daily Mon – Thur

Cookie Camp is so much more than cookies. During these classes we will explore skills related kitchen safety, food preparation and serving, measurement, appliance use, and the art and science of baking. The recipes are easy enough for a kid to replicate every time you need to take a sweet treat to an event yet delicious enough to compete for a title on Food Network!

Monday – NY Style Chocolate Chip Cookies; Cookie Nip Pecan Pie Cookies
Tuesday – NY Style Red Velvet Cookies,: Cookie Nip Slender Manhattan (finger nut cookie)
Wednesday – NY Style Biscoff Cookies; Whoopie Pie Cookie “Sammichs”
Thursday – Cookie Nip decorated themed sugar cookies.

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Marc Lipson
(678) 540-3121