Covid Update from the Dunwoody Mayor

Note from Audra:   This entire post is copied from Mayor Lynn Deutch’s Facebook Post from 2/19/2021
Please note the highlighted section for those of us who aren’t in Phase 1A.  I added myself to the email list so I’ll know what to do ASAP when vaccines are available for me!
Good morning. Yesterday, Governor Kemp announced that the state is opening 4 large Covid-19 vaccine distribution sites on this Monday, Feb 22. These sites, which are in addition to the existing vaccine providers, re in Albany, Macon, Clarkesville and Atlanta/Hapeville. They are prepared to administer about 1000 Pfizer shots a day, but will have the capability to do much more as vaccine supply increases. (The sites have the deep cold storage necessary for Pfizer.)
Last week, I mentioned that Georgia was going to unveil a centralized Covid-19 vaccine reservation system. This system appears to be limited (at least for now) to these 4 sites. The system is up now – and the site in Metro Atlanta is at the Delta Air Museum in Hapeville. If you are Phase1A+ eligible, you can sign up at (844-275-5425 if technically challenged) and you should be contacted within 48 hours to set up an appointment. is also available to sign up now even if you aren’t in Phase1A+ to be kept updated on the distribution process as Georgia expands into other phases. If you scroll down the page, you will see “not currently eligible.” Fill out the information there if you want to be added to the list.

You can absolutely continue to find vaccines closer to home. The City has a list of resources here…/covid-19…/covid-19-vaccines If you or a loved one falls in Phase 1A+ and you have not been able to locate a vaccine, please email me at
Important notes from DeKalb Public Health. First, as of today, the Brandsmart location is relocating to the Doraville MARTA station. This will provide more access and allow the staff to be shielded from the elements. Second, shipments of Moderna vaccines are delayed. Second dose Moderna vaccinations, scheduled for today and Saturday at vaccination sites in Doraville and Stonecrest, will need to be rescheduled. Individuals with appointments are being contacted via email and phone regarding this situation and will be informed of their new appointment date once it becomes available.) Pfizer comes from Michigan were they are well equipped to deal with the winter storm. Moderna comes through Nashville which is pretty much snowed in right now. The doses are being safely stored and will ship as soon as they can.
Governor Kemp announced that the state will begin to receive nearly 200,000 doses a week. The state is working with school systems to measure demand and also to identify which school systems have secured a partner (local health department or private provider) to secure and administer the vaccines to educators. Over the next two weeks, the state will evaluate expanding the vaccine criteria. (My bet is an expanded Phase 1A to include educators but I get lots of things wrong.)
Just over ½ million Georgians have been fully vaccinated. Another 600,000 have had the first shot. The percent of vaccine distributed in Georgia is now 82% and continues to move in the right direction. The Johnson & Johnson hearing is next Friday and while it will take a while to ramp up production, having a third vaccine available (if approved) will help meet demand.
There is good news about Covid in Dunwoody. Our number of new cases is back to pre-Thanksgiving data points. Key data points in DeKalb and Georgia are trending down as well. I am hopeful that people were careful during the Superbowl and Valentine’s Day. As a reminder, if you are worried that you may have been exposed, it is free and easy to get tested. You can find testing sites here:…/covid-19…/covid-19-testing
This weekend is going to be beautiful. I hope you will take some time and visit the Murals at Brook Run Skate Park in honor of Black History Month. You can read more about each artist here:…/projects/parks-and-recreation And Dunwoody Farmers Market is having a do-over of the Valentine’s Day market, lots of vendors at Brook Run Park on Saturday morning from 9 AM to Noon.
Like many of you, I am watching the situation in Texas (and other impacted states) deteriorate and feeling helpless. Our community has been so generous to those in need, I thought I would provide you with a vetted resource if you are interesting in providing immediate assistance to those in need. Funds donated here will be used for shelter, transportation, and water, food insecurity and home repairs/rehabilitation.…
Have a good weekend.
Stay home if you don’t feel well.
Wear you mask.
Wash your hands.