Covid Vaccine News from Mayor Deutsch: Many more people are eligible beginning Monday!

Breaking news about Covid-19 Vaccines– Beginning March 15th (Monday) all Georgians 55 and over will be eligible for the vaccine. Additionally, those 16* and over with a laundry list of conditions including: asthma (moderate to severe)
-Cerebrovascular disease
-Chronic Kidney Disease
-Cystic Fibrosis
-Heart Condition
-Liver Disease
-Neurologic conditions
-Overweight and obesity
-Pulmonary fibrosis
-Sickle cell disease
* 16 and 17 year olds are only eligible for Pfizer. The state sites are only administering Pfizer or you will have to check with each provider to see what they are offering.
If you preregistered at, you will receive an email updating you– there is no need to do anything. If you haven’t registered yet at this state site, you will need to wait until Monday to do so.
As a reminder, it may take a day or two or three, for the commercial providers to catch up with the new criteria.
Depending on how this goes, the Governor’s intention is to open the vaccines up to any one 16 and up by April 1.