Dance 411 8 Week Virtual Summer Camp

Get ready to have some summer fun with 411! Your child will have a full spectrum 6 hour day of educational activities on the value of the arts including but not limited to:

Dance & Acting class
Education Games
History lessons on Dance & Acting
And Instructor-Led Inquisitive Discussions

In just 5 days, your child will learn 3 group dance combinations in the style of the week and get the chance to choreograph their own short solo and/or group performance. They will also leave camp with a well-rounded understanding of the arts through our educational lunch and learn sessions and journal prompts. We want to enhance your child’s ability to be successful in the next school year and also allow them to hone their unique dance skills. Week by week, your child’s dance ability will grow stronger, they will work harder to reach their goals and become smarter individuals.

At the end of each week’s camp, your child will have a show and share performance in our recital for family, friends, and other fellow campers. All recitals are held on Fridays at 2:00 pm virtually through Dance 411 TV.

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