Daniell Tutoring Services Offers College Application Process Sessions!

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To kickoff 2020, we are excited to offer a course on college admissions. This 13-part series aims to help families familiarize themselves with the tools needed to get their child accepted to the college of their dreams. The following topics will be covered: 
Week 1: Navigating the Competitive World of College Admissions + Early Planning 
Week 2: Selecting the Right Courses and Extracurricular activities 
Week 3: Testing is not “One Size Fits All”
Week 4: Finding the Right College 
Week 5: Preparing for College Tours 
Week 6: Show Some Love to the Colleges 
Week 7: Getting Recommendations 
Week 8: Wow…That’s Not A Lot of Time 
Week 9: Writing Essays 
Week 10: Making Applications Easy 
Week 11: After Acceptances Arrive 
Week 12 and 13: Now that I am Accepted, How Will We Pay For This? 

Sessions will meet once each week for one hour.  In order to make this worth your time, we highly recommend attending all 13 sessions.  We will work with you to find a time that works in your schedule. 

In between each meeting, there will be assigned homework that asks you to answer thought-provoking questions.

Every family that participates will receive a copy of our admissions guide handbook. ​The cost is $30 per meeting payable at each session. 

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