DHS Seniors Planning a Day Camp for Kids….are you interested?

Dear Ms. Anders,

Our names are Shelby Bercoon, Jordan Drucker, and Olivia Bercoon. We are very involved seniors at Dunwoody High School as Varsity football cheerleaders, Shelby is senior class president, and Jordan and Olivia are both presidents of two different clubs, among many other things and are members of the Finance Academy . For our finance business, we wanted to create a camp for children in the Dunwoody area to participate in, but before we go through the planning and logistics we wanted to provide an interest form to potential participants just to see if people would actually want to have their children participate. So, that is where we would really appreciate your help- if you would be able to post a link to our interest form on your website, and then hopefully if there is enough interest, then later post the set information for the camp it would be of great help. Attached is the link to the form https://forms.gle/eGroWipBeR1TXMf69 . 

Thank you so much and please let us know if you have any further questions before posting,

Shelby Bercoon

Olivia Bercoon

Jordan Drucker