Atlanta School of Aikido

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Business Name: Atlanta School of Aikido
Phone: 770-522-9898
Street Address: 8 Concourse Pkwy, Sandy Springs GA 30328


This is a great school with great students and instructors. We have a good time and learn a lot. One of the many things I like is that, unlike many martial arts places, we dont have (or allow) "that guy." You know the guy. He has to appear tough and try to hurt other people to make himself feel tough. None of that nonsense. We learn and grow together practicing hard and helping everyone along the way. If you are looking for a place to train, this is one of a kind.
Steve A. | May 16, 2016
You've read many other reviews. You're still trying to decide if this school will be different. Is this chief instructor highly skilled yet somehow still able to touch the beginner's mind? Are these senior students generous with their time and skill, especially with new students? Is this learning environment challenging yet still safe, practical yet still grounded in the core fundamentals of Aikido? Well, I had these same questions back in 2000. I learned then what you'll only discover once you finally decide to come observe a class: The answer is YES!
Mitch M. | April 19, 2016
In 2009, I decided to pursue my childhood interest in the Martial Arts. I settled in on Aikido as it was not only a challenging art to learn, but was not aggression based. An art that would teach me to defend myself but also fit in with my non-aggressive demeanor. I came across “The School of Aikido” on the internet. After contacting Sensei Larry about his school, I was invited to watch the classes. From what I saw on the day in the class. The instruction and camaraderie of the students. I decided to give it a try. At first I was intimidated with the classes, as the complicated techniques in Aikido can make you frustrated as you try to learn the ins and outs of the lessons, but I soon got over that as the students did not exhibit any aggression, but lots and lots of patience (which was invaluable those first few months). They were very skillful and knowledgeable of the art and its history. The teaching method and process made it easy for me to learn the lessons and eventually progress in the art. I have not regretted stepping on the mat that first day and I am glad I stuck out the first few difficult months. I would recommend this school to anyone wishing to pursue their Martial Arts dreams.
Hector V | April 19, 2016
The Atlanta School of Aikido is an exceptional place to learn Aikido. The school has three rules: don't injure anyone, don't let anyone injure you, and don't injure yourself provide a safe place to… learn and practice. Sensei Feldman's positive and caring attitude along with his wealth of Aikido knowledge and experience make the classes exciting and enjoyable. The teaching methods used simplify the art of Aikido from memorizing hundreds of martial defense maneuvers into a set of basic attacks, methods, and finishes. These interchangeable parts, combined with footwork and the matching and blending of energy and forces allow the students to rapidly progress and more easily recall the techniques. Aikido techniques are related back to the roots of the art through instruction of weapons with Bokken and Jo.
Jeff D | April 19, 2016
In 2001, I was attending Aikido classes at another dojo (which will remain nameless) and I sustained a rather serious shoulder injury. I, a beginner, was paired with another beginner and since neither of us knew what we were doing, the environment was ripe for such an injury. After surgeries and recovery, I began my search for another dojo and found the Atlanta School of Aikido. I contacted the instructor, Sensei Larry, who insisted that I watch an entire class before I considered joining. A great policy still in force today. I had the opportunity to speak to Sensei Larry and other senior students during my visit and I was quickly put at ease. I truly appreciated that brand new students may ONLY work with advanced senior students. This provides a safe learning environment. The senior students are just as diligent in guarding your safety as the instructor. Do not expect Japanese architecture, zen gardens, or Kodo drummers off in the distance. This is a serious, but fun learning environment. If you are considering Aikido instruction…The Atlanta School of Aikido is for you.
Douglas K. | April 19, 2016
Terrific instruction in stress free environment with a growing group of students at all levels. This school teaches a blend of Aikido with inner martial arts creating a wonderful place to train and study. Clean, safe and knowledgeable instruction. Instructor has over 40 years of experience!
Pete B. | April 19, 2016

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