Do you know about Anderson Sunflower Farm?

Note from Audra:  I saw a Facebook post from a friend with the most amazing sunflower filled photos.   Then I saw the following article on The Atlanta 100 and decided I needed to share in case anyone else loves sunflowers like I do and wants to go see this farm!

Rise, shine and hold your head high – advice from a sunflower

Have you been to a sunflower farm? I went last year. I’m obsessed with sunflowers. Heck, my first and only tattoo is a sunflower music note.

When I found out there was a farm in Georgia that’s open to the public, I had to go. Anderson Sunflower Farm, located in Cumming, is only open July 9-22, basically as long as the flowers last. For a small fee, guests can stroll through the field, (boy, those babies are tall), snap pics, pick and purchase sunflowers, and enjoy a picnic.

Don’t miss this perfect summer day trip with family and friends.

— Tara Murphy, 360 Media,Inc.