Do you know about The Turquoise Table or have a group who wants to say the pledge for City Council?

From Dunwoody Mayor Lynn Deutsch’s Facebook Page:

Recently, at a hearing at the Georgia Capitol, I listened to a state legislator claim that no one knows their neighbors anymore but more than that, no one wants to know their neighbors either. His testimony, supporting eliminating a city’s ability to regulate short term rentals, infuriated me.

I know that this is not the case in #Dunwoody. We are a city of neighborhoods and neighbors. Our residents tell us they crave additional opportunities to build community and to share experiences with each other.

Out on a walk with a friend yesterday, I saw the table pictured here. I was so impressed with the idea, that we knocked on the door and introduced ourselves to the homeowner and her sweet family. (You can read about the bigger idea here — She talked about building community through small steps. I couldn’t agree more.

One of the small ways that I am working to build community is to invite youth organizations to say the Pledge at our city council meetings. I would love for you to sign up your group here: