Donate to help family of PCMS Suicide Victim’s Family

Following is a description from the Go Fund Me Page:  “Gerardo Garcia was an amazing 11 year old, who loved to play soccer with his friends in his neighborhood and at school. He was a very happy kid loved by everyone. Unfortunately Gerardo committed suicide in his home were his brother found him. He’s touched everyone’s heart in some way in our neighborhood. We’re a family neighborhood were everyone knows everyone and Gerardo was very known and loved. My family and I are trying to do something more for the family that’ll help in these hard times. Its not easy to go through a lost, especially it being someone close. This family is going through enough as if with the lost of there son, brother and cousin. His brothers have it the hardest emotionally and mentally with this tragedy. All I want to ask from the public is for anything that could help this family with the funeral expenses. The Garcia family will forever be thankful for the help. My family and I as neighbors of the family were thanking you all. It’s tough times for the Garcia family.” Donate Here